Helpful Exercises for Penile Enlargement

The man measured the length of his penis with a tape measure

We have collected the whole complex of manipulations - feel free to take them into the treasury of useful skills of a practicing NUPer. The top techniques are safe, perfectly restore men's health and, of course, give the desired increase in centimeters.

It should be remembered that there is no penis reduction exercise, that is, the results will be irreversible. Well, of course, you should definitely consult a doctor whether this or that technique is right for you.

What exercises can enlarge the penis

The entire manual is done by hand, sometimes with the participation of additional devices. Regular practice works to increase the girth, head, and length of the penis. Start with the basic stretching programs, Jelku, Kegel.After adaptation, gradually switch to high loads, increasing the time of the sets. Reach an advanced level - go to hanging, extender.

Classification of Techniques:

  • pulling- the priority task is to build up the phallus in length. These are extenders, hangers, all manual stretchers, stretchers;
  • vascular- you will achieve swelling of the penis, an active effect on the vessels. The work is adjusted depending on the methodology and goals. This group includes clamping, pumping, jelqing, and sitting.

How to increase length and thickness with Jelqing

The four basic movements of Jelqing

Manual vascular technique of jelqing came to us supposedly from the Arabs. We cannot judge the veracity of these statements, but we know that it deserves the attention of every NUPer. Always include jelq in your training program. Choose load variations or take technique as a warm-up. Use when working with advanced augmentation sets.

Pros and Benefits:

  • only needs hands;
  • increase libido, even if there is no such intention;
  • pump blood, increase excitement to a ripe old age, endurance;
  • growth in girth (80% for erection), in length (40-60%).

Rather simple gymnastic exercises increase not only the shaft of the penis, but also its head.

Dry Jelq (DRY Jelq)

The vascular exercise is performed without lubricant, with an extremely careful start. Dry Jelqing is designed for the advanced snooper who has learned how to achieve the right degree of arousal, pressure grip.

WET Jelq

Differs in the presence of lubricant, which makes the procedure more comfortable and suitable for beginners.

Using grease when Jelqa is wet

Method of execution:

  • apply lubricant, work on the correct erection;
  • make an OK grip with two fingers;
  • grab the phallus as close to the pubis as possible;
  • move slowly along the trunk with medium pressure;
  • you need a stop in front of the head. So you have done one jelq. It lasts 2-3 seconds;
  • Change hands during training. The set lasts 10 minutes, which corresponds to 230-250 jelqs.

Squeeze Jelq

Exercise works for girth, plus in length is also possible.Compression affects the stretching of the membrane of the corpora cavernosa (tunic). Start training after 2-3 months of training, say, after wet jelqing. Even with experience, start with minimal loads. You will go for promotion after adaptation.

Method of execution:

  • keep arousal at 60-95%, with an increase in erection, the set will be more intense;
  • put your right palm on the root with a normal grip, pull the skin back;
  • do a regular jelq with the other hand. You need a strong grip. The hand goes from the grip on the base to the head;
  • Loosen the root clamp slightly during training. This will pump blood into the penis and maintain an erection.

Physical Techniques by Aaron Kemmer

Aaron Kemmer - author of the penis enlargement guide

This bright head has written a whole work on natural penis enlargement.The book is easy to find on the net, it is read in one breath. The author is not devoid of literary talent and common sense of humor. The edition is useful for both beginners and experienced NUPers. Download, upload to your smartphone or e-book - the manual for pumping the phallus at home will always be at hand.

Aaron Kemmer is an expert in his craft, armed with huge statistics. You will see the success of men who regularly practice manuals and other simple methods. Here you will also find helpful hints in case of program changes or stagnation.

LLP is free and effective

NPL is a natural enlargement of the penis, a range of exercises and tricky devices. The system works on the enhanced growth of the corpora cavernosa, pulls the tunic (shell), spongy tissue. As a result, there is growth in girth and length.Men develop extraordinary sexual success. The practice improves men's health and works even without the goal of gain.

General goals:

  • growth of phallus size;
  • achieving a strong, high-quality erection;
  • getting rid of premature ejaculation.

Treatment methods:

  • simulators (extenders, stretchers, hangers, pumps, expanders, jelq machines);
  • manual techniques (stretching, clepping, jelqing);
  • additional manipulations (sprays, gels, creams for blood circulation and warming up, hormones, dietary supplements - for tone, quick recovery).

Kegel Exercise Technique

Practice kegel at least 3-4 times weekly. One and a half to two months of classes will bring noticeable success.

Why do you need it:

  • working out and toning the muscles that work during ejaculation;
  • prevention of incontinence and other age-related "joys";
  • prolongation of sexual intercourse;
  • increased orgasm.
Performing the Kegel Technique for Penis Enlargement

It's important to use the right muscles. You can not squeeze the buttocks, anal passage, lower abdomen.

How to find what to do:

  • stop urinating, randomly start and stop again. Those muscles that block the descent are the very ones;
  • With maximum excitement, work your muscles so that the organ bounces. Remember the zones that will make the movement.


  • alternate tension and squeeze three times for 10 seconds. Pause 30 seconds. Do a set of 5 seconds (10 sets). Repeat the same thing twice for 30 seconds;
  • strain for 5 seconds, relax - so 10 attempts. Squeeze-loosen the muscles quickly - three times, 10 times. Strain for 2 minutes;
  • squeeze and unclench the muscles 30 times, gradually reaching 100 reps. Squeeze for half a minute, relax for 20 seconds, - so 3 times;
  • squeeze - relax for a couple of minutes, gradually increasing the time to 20 minutes three times a day.


This is perhaps the most massive layer of NUP exercises.

Penis enlargement by stretching

Best Practices:

  • A- stretching - the A stretch technique is needed to work out the entire penis. Ok-grip clings to the naked head, the other hand - under the barrel. The member stretches well for about 30 seconds;
  • V-stretch- forward, backward, with an assistant, without;
  • Jaiis a blitz stretch for beginners, a great way to warm up. Jai is conducted on a weak erection with a slight extension and release for 2 seconds;
  • BTS- BTS Stretch works on the upper ligaments of the phallus. The organ is wound back between the legs with a reverse grip, the tension is held for 5 minutes;
  • Sadsak Slinky- gives iron growth per girth due to maximum stretching of the tunica albuginea. Due to the high risk it is not suitable for beginners. The work is carried out on an excited, swollen organ. You need a smooth bend from root to head;
  • Yuli (№3, extreme)- vascular technique for advanced NUPers. The priority is to increase the girth, there is some increase in length;
  • Manual stretching- treatment of an organ with dry hands, aimed at increasing the length. The girth sits just above the head and stretches forward and to the sides of itself. Hold the stretch for 15 seconds. Repeat 5-10 sets. Gradually work up to 5 minutes.

Warming up is a successful start of any manipulations in the NUP. It saves from injury, increases the plasticity, elasticity of tissues.

Masturbation Help

Masturbation helps to make the cock thicker

It is generally accepted that masturbation does not affect penis enlargement in any way. But, in practice, everything is somewhat different. Usually, the method helps to achieve a thickening in the middle of the trunk. However, be warned -frequent, incorrect stimulation leads to the development of an irregular shape.

The handjob has practically no effect on lengthening, unless you supplement it with stretching, jelqing. You can enhance the process with elements of augmentation massage. This makes it easier to achieve changes in size and shape.


If you massage on a regular, long-term basis, the phallus will quickly grow in girth, in length. The maximum growth that we have seen is 7 cm, 3 cm in volume. The first increase should be expected after 4 weeks of classes.

Warm-up is required prior to massage, for which a hot shower is ideal. Special creams will work great. After applying the lubricant, warm up with, say, a jai stretch.

The massage itself is performed like this:

  • take an oc-grip near the root, slowly lead it to the head, trying to evenly direct the blood. Hold your hand at the foreskin for 10 seconds;
  • Grasp the phallus together with the head, pull the organ to the maximum stretch for 30 seconds. After a 10 minute break, repeat the massage.

How many centimeters can be gained by training

Manual exercises work effectively to increase. This is a great motivation for doing stretching and vascular workouts on a daily basis. At the same time, pump up your hands, get serious endurance. The average penis growth in length is 2. 5-3 cm after six months of active practice. In terms of volume, the manual gives at least 1 cm plus.

Manual zoom: advantages and disadvantages

We know that manual techniques work miracles in the NUP business. You are seeking targeted impact on a strategic location. Good results are achieved solo or in combination with other techniques to enlarge the phallus.


  • fast recovery after stress;
  • increased tone, libido;
  • strong erection;
  • prevention of stagnation;
  • manual sets are performed at no cost, at home;
  • slight rollback after the termination of training (up to 5 mm).
Strong erection after a set of exercises


  • requires long-term exposure;
  • high risk of injury in beginners;
  • unpleasant sensations during intense exertion.

Safety Techniques

In the LLP case, forcing events leads to injuries.

Here's how to avoid this:

  • compulsory warming up (shower, warm towel, sock with heated rice);
  • warm up for 2-3 minutes before the main exercises;
  • control your erection - full arousal is unacceptable;
  • follow the technique carefully;
  • only a gradual increase in load;
  • if there is pain, that's bad. It means that you are doing something wrong.


We vote with both hands for the introduction of manual techniques into our training program. You will get a few centimeters plus at no extra cost and right at home.