How to enlarge your penis by stretching

Stretching the penis to enlarge

The size and shape of the penis are laid from birth, but they can be changed by mechanical action. This conclusion has long been reached not only by men who have tested this fact on themselves, but also by doctors with advanced degrees, including Walter Schlesinger, Stephen T. Chan. In this article, we will show you how to properly stretch the penis to increase its length.

Is it possible to increase the penis by stretching: what determines the effectiveness

It is quite possible to enlarge the penis by stretching. As an illustrative example, one can cite African tribes, whose representatives successfully pull out the genitals, for example, by winding them on a stick. The main stretching exercises are taken from there, but they must be performed wisely.

African Man's Neck Extension Rings

The main problem for both urogenital plastic surgeons and men who independently stretch the penis is the tunica albuginea that covers the corpora cavernosa. It forms a closed sheath and is inelastic compared to leather. The effectiveness of manual stretching exercises will depend on the degree of its compliance.

The well-known genital surgeon-andrologist does not doubt the possibility of penis lengthening. He substantiates this phenomenon as follows: under constant influence on the matrix of the tunic, microtraumas are formed in it, to which fibroblast cells rush to "repair". They produce protein molecules, and they are pulled out by filaments along the force vector. It is according to this scheme that plastic surgeons achieve an increase in the area of a skin flap for transplantation - they implant an inflating balloon under it.

During the stretching of the penis, men feel that something like an elastic band is interfering on the back (top).

This is an important "detail" of the penis - the neurovascular bundle (includes the dorsal nerve, arteries, veins). It must not be damaged in any way. That is, it is unacceptable to force stretching during exercise.

The vascular bundle is still relatively elastic. An obstacle to stretching is the so-called dorsal seal - the groove between the corpora cavernosa.

This thickening in young people usually appears due to prolonged masturbation, when the thumb "walks" on top, and in older men, it occurs due to regular intense sex. This is a protective reaction of the body to mechanical stress.

These circumstances should be taken into account when extending a member. The result can be predicted in advance: if the penis in a relaxed state is easily pulled almost into a pencil, then there is no fibrous thickening, and exercises will be easy. If the penis is stretching, but poorly, while remaining fairly thick, then you need to be patient. And one more thing: the potential for traction is greater in a penis with an impressive volume.

Penis enlargement by stretching

Adherents of penis enlargement without surgery have created their own direction - NPL (natural penis enlargement). On specialized forums, the subtleties of various techniques, methods of making devices, and the results of programs are actively discussed. The most popular exercises are listed below.


Before doing the exercises, preparation is necessary, otherwise the classes will have to be stopped and wait for the healing of hematomas, the subside of lymphatic edema. And ruptures of the tunica albuginea and corpora cavernosa in most cases end with the formation of fibrous plaques (Peyronie's disease), inflammation (cavernitis), fibrosis of the corpora cavernosa (cavernosa). As a result, penis curvature and impotence are quite possible.

The main condition for safe stretching is high-quality heating of fabrics. This will increase blood flow and nutrition and make them more elastic.

You can warm up your penis with warm water, a bag of heated rice, an IR lamp, a towel soaked in warm water, or just light massage twisting movements with your hands up and down. Enough 5 minutes. Before exercising, the penis must be lubricated for better gliding.

Compress with a towel soaked in warm water - preparing the penis for exercise


Jelqing (jelqing, jelq) is a common manual penis stretching,suitable for beginners, and also used to normalize blood flow in between other exercises. In fact, the technique does not differ from the “milking” method: a ring of thumb and forefinger (the so-called OK-grip) with light but firm pressure moves to the head, partially dragging the skin along with it, then the hand changes. It is important to feel the tension of the inner tissues. You need to do 15-20 minutes daily. The first result will be in about a couple of months.

There is even a special jelq machine. The principle of its work: the penis is clamped between two soft rollers, which are rolled along it from the root to the head. The return takes place without pressing. The effort is regulated by handles on the side.

Jelq machine


This exercise can be done one of the first - it helps to "open" the fibers of the tunic. Technique: the soft penis is simultaneously slightly extended and twisted around its axis almost to the limit, then thrown over the hand and stretches again. After a minute, repeat everything in the other direction.


Flexion is considered the most effective method of stretching the tunica albuginea.The essence of the method: gently bring the semi-erect penis behind the scrotum (remove it to the side) and slightly sit down on something soft for 3-5 minutes. Later, you can increase the time to 15 minutes, the number of approaches - to 5.

A variation of the exercise for the advanced is the reverse pull. The member is not just pulled back, but its extension is forced by the hand brought back.

Then you can bend the erect penis with your hands in different places until a clear sensation of tension. For this, the blood flow at the base is blocked by the OK-capture, and the second hand is applied to the head. Thus, both the longitudinal and transverse fibers of the tunic are well stretched. The technique is called "O-bend".

Sample Program:

  • 3-4 flexions;
  • 4-5 stretches;
  • 5 minutes dry jelqing.

"Wet" jelq with bending in different directions well stretches the casing: OK-grip is carried out from the base of the penis, simultaneously twisting it (without directing it to the side, namely, passing the tissue through the ring, rolling them).

Pull Rotation

This exercise stretches the ligaments of the penis well, "reaching" their reserves hidden behind the pubic bone. You need to pull the penis and slowly rotate them 15 turns in one direction and the same amount in the other.

Extruding with an extender

Extender is a medical device for stretching the penis. Its effectiveness is backed by scientific evidence. The head is gripped by a vacuum cap or loop, then fixed between two telescopic rods, the opposite end of which rests against the pubis. The length of the rods increases, pulling the fabric evenly.

Vacuum fastening is much more convenient. You can stretch the penis not only by increasing the length of the rods, but also with the help of a belt.

High-quality extenders are expensive, but the effect of their use may not be due to the anatomical features of the penis. Doctors recommend that you first come for a consultation and examination, and then choose a stretching method. A competent specialist will determine the density and structure of the penis by touch.

Hanging loads

Extension of the penis by hanging weights from it is advisable to use only after experience with previous techniques, since tissues unprepared for such loads are quickly injured.

The main task with this method is to properly secure the weight on the penis (it should be soft) and not to overload it with tension. There are special industrial hangers, but many build them themselves.

Extender with suspension

You should start with a minimum (100-250 g) and keep it for no longer than 1-5 minutes. Then gradually add weight and time over the week.Most start with 1 kg for 30 minutes, but such a start is traumatic.Some bring the weight up to 5-6 kg, and the wearing time - up to 6-10 hours a week.

In the purchased hanger, loads are screwed on. Base weight - 250 g. It is screwed onto the vacuum cap chamber thread.

Loads of different weights


The result depends on the parameters of the penis, the elasticity of its tissues, the frequency of training. For comparison, we can draw an analogy with a gym: one walks for years and remains skinny, the other acquires a noticeable relief in a few months. With a certain diligence, you can achieve an increase in the penis from 0. 5 to 4 cm per year. Some people manage to add 2 cm in a couple of weeks by combining various techniques, but this is an exception to the rule.

There are many positive comments on the effects of pumping on the forums. Exposure to negative pressure helps to stretch the tunic.

It is advisable to keep a diary of exercises and record the results, then, depending on them, adjust the program.


In the absence of anatomical obstacles in the form of extensive fibrosis or severe curvature, it is possible to stretch the penis (there are more and more LPA adherents), but not everyone is happy with the result. For some men, women complain about the reduction in the diameter of the penis due to its extension in length. The complex impact of various techniques will help to avoid such consequences.