Penis enlargement with baking soda - myth or reality?

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"As for sex, women complain more often than men. Their complaints boil down to two main categories: not enough; too much, " said E. Landers.

The first situation is often encountered in modern states, and therefore today we will talk about a possible solution to it.

Many women love men because of their genitals, every lady has her own opinion, and every woman has her own ideal size. Eighty-five percent of women think both length and girth are important.

But after all, the desire of the fair sex does not always coincide with reality, and it is because of this that the search for new sexual partners begins. But if it is easy for ladies to solve this question, then what should men who have a small penis do?

Nowadays, people of different ages are interested in how to enlarge their genitals. Because of this interest, men begin to surf the Internet, in which they stumble upon a huge number of articles and practices. Some of them are deceitful and deceptive, others do not give the desired result, and still others prove their truthfulness and show the result. Today we will talk about such a method as penis enlargement with the help of soda.

Does baking soda work on the male genital organ?

Almost all people, after going online and typing in their request, rush to the first link they come across. But who said that the very first link will tell the truth and not a drop of lies? Has anyone wondered why the penis is increasing? Why does it increase? We will talk about this now.

The penis increases due to the fact that the blood flow in the arteries to the genitals becomes larger, and the outflow of venous blood becomes less, as a result of which the cavities of the male genital organ are filled with blood, and it increases in volume several times. That is, in order to enlarge the penis, we need to increase the blood flow in the arteries, in which soda helps. Soda, when used correctly, has such a function as thinning the blood, which allows it to thin the blood and increase its flow through the arteries.

But there is also a "fly in the ointment in a barrel of honey" here. To the question: "Does baking soda help to enlarge the male genital organ? "doctors answer - negatively. But the effect of soda on our body with you will not be the best. Therefore, before asking the question: "How to enlarge a man's sexual organ with sodium bicarbonate (soda)? "Ask yourself the question: "What problems can arise with the body after using it? "

Soda Usage Options


The easiest and most common crafting option is:

  • Dissolve one teaspoon of baking soda in a mug of warm water.
  • Dip a member in the bath for fifteen minutes.

Note: Apply this method forty-five minutes before intercourse, otherwise there will be no visible result.


After using the bath, a man has an increase in the flexibility of the penis and an increase in its size by a maximum of two centimeters, more has not yet been observed. Don't be discouraged, flexibility and small increases are also good results.


This method has more success than baths, and now I will tell you about it:

  • Wet the entire length of the penis.
  • Rub in sodium bicarbonate, that is, soda, along the entire length.

Note: some people shared their experiences and reported that after applying the scrub, a burning sensation was felt in the penis, and a rash appeared on its surface, that is, irritation. So think three times before using the scrub, and whether you need it.

I can tell you a little secret on how to avoid annoyance. We cannot somehow change the chemical properties of sodium bicarbonate (soda), but we can lighten them. If we add a substance such as honey and mix soda with honey one to one, then in the vast majority of cases we can get rid of irritation, as well as burning.


A man's penis can grow up to four centimeters. He will also be characterized by rigidity, longer intercourse and several other factors.


This method is not as well known as the above, but you still need to tell it:

  • Make an ointment from sodium bicarbonate and honey in a one-to-one ratio.
  • Coat the penis with the resulting ointment.
  • It is not tight to wrap the penis with any sterile thing, such as a bandage, medical cloth and others.

Note: there may be irritation and do not apply ointment to the glans - peeling may occur.


Penis enlargement up to 3 centimeters, lengthening of intercourse.

WARNING: The above methods can have side effects such as rashes, itching, redness and more.

A man measures the length of his penis


  1. Do not use baking soda inside the body - it will negatively affect your gastrointestinal tract, and the penis will not grow from this.
  2. Baking soda is a powder, and the powder can affect the level of sugars in the body. DANGEROUS for people with diabetes. I advise you not to risk it.
  3. Do not experiment with ointment, do it according to proven recipes.
  4. Don't overdo it, it can be a big problem.

Sodium bicarbonate (soda) most likely refers to the interval between the second and third groups, because it does not give much enlargement of the penis, but at the same time it also gives additional effects such as flexibility, longer intercourse and many others. We also learned from this article that there are at least three ways to use baking soda for penis enlargement.

Men, I say right away, the penis will not increase by ten centimeters in one use of soda, this should be done regularly, if you do not feel sorry for your health. After all, no one will return your health. Do not experiment with the ingredients in the ointment, this can result in a disease called impotence. As for me, it's better to buy reliable drugs that have already shown themselves more than once.
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