The whole truth about how to enlarge the penis with folk remedies: natural penis enlargement

ways to increase penis size

The desire to have an impressive manhood is the subconscious dream of almost every man. Bigger sizes greatly increase self-confidence.

Those who are not satisfied with the length of their genitals take drastic measures and go under the surgeon's knife. But not everyone will agree to this.

Many are looking for alternative ways. Some of these people, sooner or later, try to achieve penis enlargement using folk methods. If you have such a desire, then believe me, you are far from the first and not the last.

Luckily for you, numerous generations of men before you have already worked out the most effective approaches and solutions. You just have to follow popular wisdom and enjoy the result. Our conversation today will be about how to enlarge the penis using folk methods.

Folk penis enlargement remedies - myth or reality?

The cheapest and most effective way to enlarge your penis is exercise. This method can really increase the size of the penis by 1-2 centimeters. To make the procedure as safe as possible, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Penis enlargement with folk methods is also very popular among men. There are three main reasons for this:

is it possible to enlarge the penis with folk remedies and how to do it
  • low cost;
  • belief in the ancient wisdom of ancestors;
  • fear of referring to specialists.

How can these methods help? To do this, you need to understand what processes occur in the genital organ when it increases.

First of all, by any method, they increase the blood flow, which leads to an increase in the penis (traditional medicine in this matter is in solidarity with the traditional one).

However, this is short-lived and works well just before sex to impress a girl. Most ointments and creams work on a similar effect. But the advantage of penis enlargement with folk remedies is to improve potency and other aspects of male health.

This is one side of the coin. In turn, there are special exercises and some types of massage. With their help, with the right approach, the penis can really increase.

Lovers of getting everything will quickly be disappointed - the penis will not grow by 15 centimeters in a few months. All a man can count on is an increase of 2-3 centimeters in one year.

In addition, it is not enough just to find out the recipe for how to increase the penis with folk remedies - it is important to do all the exercises every day. If all this suits you, then read on.

Ways to enlarge the penis without surgery

Every man has different ways to accelerate the growth of the penis without the use of surgery. For example, here's how to enlarge your penis using folk methods (listed in order of availability):

  1. Psychological.No, you don't have to convince yourself that manhood is actually impressive in size. Scientists have found that the brain produces the necessary hormones during a positive mood. Because of this, the genitals grow slowly.
  2. Manual therapy.To use this folk remedy for penis enlargement, you need to find certain points in the body. If you act on them, then blood circulation increases significantly, the penis becomes larger as a result.
  3. Contrast baths.Pour warm water and dip in it for one minute. Then you need to quickly cool the temperature to +20 degrees and plunge again. The procedure is repeated 2-3 times.
  4. Devices.They were invented recently, but they are already actively popular with the people. Probably, it is not entirely correct to attribute various devices to penis enlargement by folk methods, but not to mention them in this article would be a mistake. Vacuum pumps and extenders are working. The first device is based on pumping air out of the penis. The second device stretches the penis using special clamps.

How to enlarge a member with folk remedies?

Soda is considered one of the best popular ways to enlarge the penis. There are many reasons to believe that she is responsible for the growth of the penis. But it should be understood that just soda does not affect the size in any way. When it enters the body, it thins the blood. During the exercise for the growth of the penis, the blood begins to circulate better.

Traditionally, there is an opposite opinion. Some doctors say it, considering the use of soda harmful. This is argued by the fact that it negatively affects the gastrointestinal tract.

The truth is, as always, somewhere in between. For example, people with diabetes or malignant tumors will have to think carefully about how to enlarge the penis with folk remedies, because soda is categorically contraindicated for them.

In any case, when using baking soda, you should very carefully follow the method of its application. Even if the effect is small, at least you can't hurt yourself.

The second folk remedy for penis enlargement is the use of phyto drinks and decoctions. Even our distant ancestors knew how to increase the penis with folk recipes in those distant times when other means were not invented. With the help of medicinal herbs, blood flow to the penis is increased.

As a bonus, erection increases and sexual stamina increases.

methods of penis enlargement in folk ways

Most of the recipes can be easily prepared at home, so decoctions are deservedly included in the tops of the most popular popular methods of penis enlargement. If you drink broths regularly, then over time you will notice their effectiveness.

Let's find out how to enlarge a member in a popular way. Here are the most popular recipes:

  1. Nuts with honey.This is perhaps the most famous folk remedy for penis enlargement. Mix the ingredients in equal proportions and consume one tablespoon three times a day.
  2. Garlic tincture.The main recipe for penis enlargement. The tincture is sold at any pharmacy. It should be drunk 20 drops twice a day.
  3. Infusion of thyme.If you still do not know how to enlarge the penis in a folk way, then here is a simple recipe for you: chop 100 grams of thyme and pour boiling water over it. Drink cold drink twice every day after meals.
  4. Medunica medicinal.It can be used to make tinctures or add to salads.

Other natural methods

For adherents of a natural lifestyle, a complete rejection of pharmacology is fundamentally important. Traditional medicine always comes to the aid of such people (how to enlarge the penis with its help will be discussed further).

So, completely popular methods of penis enlargement include:

natural methods for increasing penis size
  • Herbal ointments.As noted earlier, in most cases they are not able to enlarge the penis. But their effectiveness is different - herbal ointments make it possible to have sex longer, moreover, an erection always remains at the highest level.
  • Self-massage of the penis.This method of natural penis enlargement is divided into two stages: preparation and the process itself. First you need to take a small piece of soft matter. It must be rinsed in warm water and wrung out thoroughly. This tissue is wrapped around the penis, which improves blood circulation. In this position, you need to sit for 3-4 minutes. After that, manhood is wiped dry, and the preparatory stage ends. The massage itself is performed in a circular motion. The exercise is done carefully. If at some point pain is felt, it means that you are doing something wrong. Change position. If the pain persists, see a doctor immediately.
  • Exercises.There are dozens of them, but only a few are really effective. These include:
    1. Tao Technique.With its help, the glans of the penis should be enlarged. It is necessary to put your fingers on the base of the organ, and gently distill the blood to the head of the penis. The exercise is performed in several approaches, each of them should not exceed 10 seconds.
    2. Jelqing.In any literature that tells how to enlarge the penis in a natural way, jelqing is definitely mentioned. The name of the method translates to "milking" and is really similar to the pumping process. You should do jelq no more than 15 minutes per day. Doctors recommend mastering the correct technique on the first day. Otherwise, there is a risk of damage to the penis.
    3. Stretching the muscles.Most bundles are developed thanks to this technique. In addition to length, the thickness of male pride also increases. The essence of the exercise is that you just need to stretch the muscles of the penis every day.

So, now you know how to enlarge a member by the folk method. And to make the growth even more noticeable, be more often in the fresh air, give up bad habits and observe proper nutrition.

The main thing to remember is that an increase in the male penis with traditional medicine is a serious decision and must be approached consciously. You should not expect quick results, but you can do this at home, the whole undertaking will cost you completely free and will allow you not only to enlarge the penis, but also to strengthen the body.