How to increase the size of the penis at home?

It is known that surgery can increase the penis up to 3-4 centimeters. However, the operation appears to be a rather complicated procedure, has its own risks and complications, and requires a considerable investment of funds.

Therefore, many men, wanting to increase the size of the genital organ, are looking for ways that will cope with this task at home. As a rule, preference is given to Taoist technique, Jelqing practice, special exercises for stretching the penis, masturbation, and even a vacuum cleaner.

Due to the variety of methods and practices of increasing, you need to find the most optimal and effective one, which will give a result in the shortest possible time. Also, is it important to figure out how to do the exercises correctly at home?

Penis Exercise Workouts

how to enlarge the penis at home with the help of special training

The Jelqing technique was used in Arab countries more than two hundred years ago. Undoubtedly, it has come down to our time slightly modified, but in the direction of increased efficiency and result.

Reviews of men advise beginners to warm up the penis before exercise. It is heating that will provide increased elasticity of the tissues of the organ, promote effective and safe training.

There are various methods to warm up the penis, the simplest of them are as follows:

  • Take a small container (deep), pour water 40-45 degrees into it, lower the penis for five minutes.
  • You will need a thick towel, moisten it with hot water, squeeze it out a little. Wrap the penis for a couple of minutes, wet again with water, and so on, for a total of 10 minutes.
  • In a dry frying pan, heat a glass of rice, pour it into a cotton bag or regular sock, attach to the penis.

The essence of the Jelqing technique is to stretch the penis with your own hands. Daily stretching of the genital organ leads to the fact that the cavernous tissues expand over time, the formation of new cells in the genital organ is carried out, and all this leads to an increase in the size of manhood.

As the practice of many men shows, the sexual organ can be enlarged at home in a fairly short time. So, the correct execution of the exercise:

  1. The workout is based on sliding your hands over the penis, so you need a water-based lubricant or a specialized cream.
  2. Apply lubricant to the penis, distribute evenly over the entire shaft. If during the lesson, the cream is not enough, you can add more.
  3. Get into a comfortable chair position with your feet shoulder-width apart. Achieve an erect state up to 60-70%.
  4. The right hand takes the base of manhood into the ring, the left hand holds the head of the phallus.
  5. Then it is necessary to "slide the ring" upwards, while simultaneously pulling the head upwards with the left hand.
  6. It is important to control the strength of the load on the penis. When the hand goes down, you need to press harder on the penis, compared to moving up.

Average lesson time is about 10 minutes. For a beginner, 15 approaches are enough in the first workout (up 15, down 15). Further, you can increase the training time, the number of approaches and the intensity of pressure on the penis.

It is worth noting that if you press excessively on the genitals, unpleasant consequences can occur, such as reddening of the skin, the formation of hematomas, painful sensations that persist for several days after training.

Taoist Practices

This technique came from ancient China, and has already shown its effectiveness to many men. It is believed that proper diaphragm breathing, combined with special stretching movements for the penis, can increase the size of the penis in a few months of daily training.

Training breathing techniques:

  • Take a deep breath, then "swallow air" so that it is in the stomach.
  • Slow exhalation, during which it is necessary to visualize how the air rises from the abdomen and returns to the outside world.
  • Breathes in and out should be even.
  • Breathe belly during training.
Taoist practices as a way to enlarge the penis at home

It is believed that this breathing technique allows saturation of all cells and soft tissues of the body with oxygen, and also promotes increased blood circulation. The first few workouts will be tough as it is not easy to focus on proper breathing while performing special penis-enlarging movements at the same time.

However, over time, everything will be fine, the man will “breathe automatically” without thinking about the correct breathing technique.

Performing the exercise:

  1. Take a comfortable position, preferably sitting on a chair.
  2. Apply an effective gel to the penis.
  3. Perform breathing exercises correctly within 5 minutes. Having got used to breathing with your stomach a little, you can proceed directly to the workout, remembering to breathe correctly.
  4. Bring the penis to an erect state by 90%.
  5. For the lesson, you will need two hands: take the penis at the base with two hands so that the thumbs are on the outer surface of the shaft of the penis, and four fingers of two hands are on the lower surface of the penis.
  6. Pressing on the penis with all fingers, it is necessary to move along the penis to the very head (do not touch the head), reaching the head, return back in the same way.
  7. With each successive time, the pressure increases. When you reach maximum pressure (about 15 times), you can end your workout.

This exercise is for beginners. For men who have long been engaged in natural penis enlargement, the number of repetitions of such a movement can be increased to 50. During the exercise, one should not forget about the rhythm and intensity of finger movements.

Reviews of men state that the correct execution of exercises with breathing exercises will give a tremendous effect, and really increase the size of the penis up to 3 centimeters.


It is known that masturbation in its usual form cannot contribute to an increase in the parameters of the penis. However, if you add elements of manual correction to masturbation, then the method turns out to be very effective, and leading to positive results.

Manual correction or masturbation for penis enlargement is based on a whole complex of certain movements that provoke the following effects:

  • New soft tissue growth. Obviously, the more tissue the reproductive organ contains, the larger it is. At the same time, the penis in a calm state will look much more impressive than before.
  • The growth of the corpora cavernosa. When the cavernous bodies are filled with blood, a persistent and strong erection is provided. Consequently, the more their volume, the more blood will fit, as a result of which the penis will become longer and thicker.
  • Internal ligament lengthening. Longer ligaments provide maximum stretch during an erection.
masturbation as a method of increasing the penis at home

In this regard, if you combine masturbation and manual correction, you can achieve impressive results of penis enlargement. It should be noted that this method is really effective and efficient, but it will be difficult for beginners to retrain from "their traditional" masturbation to training elements.

It is not excluded that the first time the correct masturbation may not work, and even from the fifth time the workout will be poor. But with due patience, diligence and perseverance, all the work will pay off, and the result of penis enlargement will remain with the man for life.

So, a phased combination of masturbation and special movements:

  1. Apply cream or lubricant to the phallus.
  2. You can start your workout with normal and familiar movements that satisfy the man.
  3. When there is about 50% of the erection, the penis is a little hard, but not so much as with a full erection, the intensity of movements must be increased several times, as well as the force of pressing on the penis.
  4. The first few minutes you need to get used to new "pulling" movements, try to relax and have fun.
  5. When the erect state is 100%, it is necessary to grasp the base in a fist, and masturbate with strong intense movements up and down.
  6. If there is not enough lubricant during masturbation, add.
  7. The movements from point 5 are repeated until the man feels the approach of ejaculation. Then you need to stop, wait until the erection decreases slightly, continue to the logical end - ejaculation.

Reviews of men state that the effectiveness of training lies in the fact that during maximum erection, special movements provoke the growth of new tissues, increase the volume of the corpus cavernosum, and lengthen the supporting ligaments, and this together leads to an increase in male dignity.

Vacuum cleaner for penis enlargement

using a vacuum cleaner for penis enlargement at home

It is known that representatives of the stronger sex are ready to perform any exercises, to try out the most insane ways that can increase the reproductive organ. Recently, based on the feedback from men, increasing the size of the penis by means of a vacuum cleaner is gaining popularity.

Definitely, the method raises a lot of fears and doubts about its effectiveness, but it's worth understanding how it works.

Men claim that when you place your penis in a vacuum hose and turn on the device, a uniform and intense stretching of male dignity occurs. And by carrying out such training on a regular basis, you can achieve an increase of up to 5 centimeters in length.

Vacuum enlargement technique:

  • Clean the vacuum cleaner hose from dust and other debris.
  • The exercise should be started at minimum power.
  • The penis is sent to the hole of the hose, then the vacuum cleaner is turned on.
  • If you feel pain, stop training.
  • Training duration from 5 to 10 minutes.

Unfortunately, what the cardinality should be is not specified anywhere. According to the representatives of the stronger sex, every man must determine the optimal power for himself, which will help to enlarge the penis, and not harm the body.

However, this method of enlargement raises many doubts and concerns due to trauma to the penis. In view of this, you can try this method on yourself when other options have exhausted themselves.

Undoubtedly, Jelqing techniques, Taoist techniques and manual correction masturbation work to increase male dignity. Provided that the man exercises on a regular basis every day. As for the vacuum cleaner, there are many reviews, but there is no evidence of an increase, so it is better to give preference to a specialized cream.