Penis enlargement: myths and reality

Many girls say that the size of the penis does not matter, but in practice they get much more pleasure from sex with the owners of impressive genitals. Does it really depend on the length and thickness of the penis how pleasant sexual intercourse will be for a woman? Or is it all speculation?

A small penis - a sentence or not?

The scientific world has proven that even with a small penis size, almost any woman can be sexually satisfied. The fact is that the semi-mystical G-spot, which everyone talks about, is very shallow, and a penis of any length can stimulate it. Some women will not agree with this. But psychologists easily explain their disagreement. For most women, the result of sexual intercourse depends not only on the physical component, but also on the psychological one. If a woman does not obviously expect something impressive from a small penis, then she is unlikely to experience great delight when everything starts.

But do not be upset! Today the situation is much rosier than it was 10 years ago - it is quite possible to enlarge the penis.

man with enlarged penis

Penis enlargement - a reality or a myth that you want to believe too much?

How can you enlarge your penis:

  1. Surgery: lipoplasty, liquid silicone, solid polymers, skin grafting. The last option is the newest and probably the only safe and reliable one.
  2. Manual methods: various daily exercises. Without consultation with specialists, this method of penis enlargement can be dangerous.
  3. Preparations: tablets, sprays, ointments, natural remedies.

For objective reasons, surgery is the simplest solution, since the result is manifested immediately or in stages, but clearly. The main problem is that the newest technique (the rest are unreliable and sometimes even dangerous) is familiar to very few surgeons. In addition, the cost of such a procedure is very high.

Manual techniques may work, but the changes will be very slow and almost imperceptible.

But what about the various drugs? How do they work? For example, a spray that enlarges the penis in three stages:

  1. The skin is enriched with essential oils to prepare for stretching.
  2. Thanks to the active pectins in the spray, new tissue grows.
  3. Spray for penis enlargement includes a large set of trace elements that fix the result.

The manufacturer of the spray claims that it is possible to increase the length of the penis by 7 cm in just 5 days.