Ways to increase the size of the penis in a teenager

Between the ages of 13 and 19, a person begins puberty. For both boys and girls, it is almost the same, but still slightly different. It is at this age that the growth of the penis in boys begins, hormonal surges, frequent uncontrolled erections, arbitrary ejaculation, and so on. And every boy, guy and even a man of advanced age is very worried about the size of his penis.

In this article, you can learn about ways to increase penis in adolescence.

teenager looks into his underpants and wants to enlarge the dick

Average penis length

A lot of scientists have conducted research on the male genital organ, including finding its average length. The largest member in history is considered to be a penis 33. 5 cm long and 15 cm in girth, which was described in the early 20th century. The average length of a penis in a calm state is about 9-10 centimeters, and in an erect state - about 12-15 centimeters. In adolescents, the average penis length does not differ very much: the average penis size at 14 years old is from 7 to 10 centimeters in a calm state and from 12 to 16 centimeters at the time of erection, and the penis has a diameter of 3 to 4 centimeters.

Why the sexual organ does not grow in adolescence

Sometimes it happens that a teenager's penis is much smaller than the sizes indicated above. There may be several reasons for this.

  • First, illness. As creepy as it sounds, boys, whose penis size is much smaller than their peers, may suffer from hypogonadism, a disease in which normal testicular function is disrupted and levels of male hormones such as testosterone also drop.
  • Secondly, a violation of the adrenal glands, which usually occurs after a teenager in childhood has been ill with a disease such as mumps.
  • Thirdly, if a teenager has ever received injuries in the groin and genital area, such as severe bruises, cuts, burns, and so on.
  • blow in the groin as the reason for a small dick in a teenager how to increase
  • Fourth, bad habits. It has long been known that smoking constricts blood vessels, which makes it difficult for blood to flow to the penis, which can reduce its size by 2-3 centimeters. Alcohol works a little differently. It disrupts the nervous system, causing the nerve impulses that cause an erection of the penis to reach slower, which can reduce the size of the penis.
  • Fifth, genetic predisposition. We must not forget that the penis can vary significantly in size among different peoples and nations.
  • Sixth, genetic features.
  • Seventh, a delay in the development of the whole organism. Improper nutrition, lack of necessary vitamins, constant severe stress and constant lack of sleep.

Safe Ways to Enlarge Your Teen Penis

There are many ways to enlarge the penis. The main and simplest of them is the transition to a healthy lifestyle. After all, as mentioned above, bad habits and malnutrition contribute to the reduction of the penis. You should start eating less fatty foods and meals, eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and proteins. Get rid of bad habits, if any, and go in for sports. Even small runs in the morning and simple physical exercises will bring results not only in increasing the size of the penis, but also in the general condition of the body. Try to avoid stressful situations and be more in a calm, comfortable environment and in a good mood. Sleep at least 8 hours, getting rid of the habit of falling asleep at 2-3 in the morning, or even later. It will not be harmful to take a small course of vitamins, but the main thing is not to overdo it.

It is also possible to safely enlarge a penis with soda. It can be applied in different ways. For example, making baths with soda. This is the most common penis enlargement method. For it, you will need to dilute soda with water in a container, a little warmer than room temperature, in the ratio of one liter of water you need one hundred grams of soda powder. Such baths should be taken twice a day for one month, each procedure should not exceed twenty minutes in time.

You can also make soda lotions and compresses. First you need to prepare a soda solution. To prepare it, you need to dissolve two tablespoons of soda in half a glass of warm water. In this solution we moisten gauze, a bandage or a thin cotton, always clean rag or towel, and apply it to the penis. The fabric from which the compress is made must necessarily be of such a length sufficient to wrap the entire penis with it. It takes about one month to do such procedures. After such compresses, one should lie in bed for some time and not engage in any hard work.

Another method of using soda for penis enlargement is soda ointment. This method will bring its results much faster than all of the above. To prepare soda ointment, you only need two ingredients: soda itself and water. Water should be added to the soda powder very slowly and constantly stirred until a slurry is obtained. This ointment should be gently, very gentle and smooth movements for fifteen minutes to rub into the penis. This procedure should be done three times a day.

Also, the ointment can be made on the basis of honey, but we should not forget that it can lead to an allergic reaction. This method will require twenty-five grams of soda and one tablespoon of honey.

Along with all of the above, it should be said about the need for special exercises to increase the penis. All of the above procedures are complex with exercises. Separately from each other, they will not bring any result. Here are the most basic exercises:

  • Stretching. This exercise will increase the penis in length. To perform it, you should maintain an erection from 0 to 50%. You need to gently, slightly start pulling the penis from the base to the head, while not making any sudden movements in order to avoid unpleasant injuries. Perform the exercise with visits 2-3 times for 5-7 minutes after the procedures.
  • Jelqing. This exercise will require a lubricant (such as baby milk) that is applied to the penis. Ring your thumb and forefinger together to form an OK-shaped coverage, and place your hand as close to the base of your penis as possible. Applying a little pressure, move your hand along the penis, the effect of "milking" the penis should be created, and stop near the head without touching it. Repeat these steps without stopping for ten minutes. The main thing is not to put too much pressure on the penis so that there are no unpleasant or painful sensations.

Do not forget about the need for hormone therapy for penis enlargement. But remember that only a qualified doctor can prescribe special preparations; you should not purchase hormone therapy for penis enlargement on your own.