100% permanent penis enlargement – ​​ligamentotomy operation

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Ligamentotomy is an operative way to increase the size of the penis. Unlike methods such as the use of ointments and creams, taking special tablets, this method is guaranteed to give results. Enlargement of the penis occurs due to the dissection of the supporting ligament, as a result of which the organ is separated from the pubic surface and slightly pushed forward. Thanks to the operation, as well as compliance with the rules in the postoperative period, the erect penis becomes longer (up to 6 cm).

General characteristics of the operation

Penis enlargement surgery - ligamentotomy, involves the intersection of the supporting ligament of the penis, which is called the "ligament". Its main function is to pull the penis up when it is filled with blood. Such surgery belongs to the category of plastic surgery. As a result of manipulation, the genital organ moves forward a little.

During the operation, this ligament is cut parallel to the penis. Thus, the organ is partially separated from the pubic bone to which it is attached, which allows it to add several centimeters of length.

To achieve a result, after crossing the ligament, the genital organ is bent down and pulled so that the ligament does not grow together. Then the inner part of the penis is fixed by pulling it out of the pelvic region. Thanks to this, the ligament grows together in the right position, which guarantees an increase in the penis by several centimeters. The advantage of this method is the constancy of the achieved result and the absence of the need to repeat the surgical intervention from time to time.

After surgery to increase the male organ, a man must definitely stretch the penis with the help of an extender for 2 weeks. Without stretching, ligamentotomy will not give the expected result.

Also, within 2 weeks from the date of the operation, sexual intercourse, masturbation should be abandoned.

The advantages of such an operation are:

  1. The ability to lengthen the penis by 3-5 cm;
  2. Achieving visible results in a short time;
  3. Constancy of the achieved result

Ligamentotomy is justified if the length of the penis due to certain diseases or due to anatomical features is less than 12 cm (in the state of erection).

Indications and contraindications for the procedure

Penis enlargement is surgically performed in the following cases:

  • If the size of the penis in a state of erection is much lower than the average standard indicators (up to 12 cm);
  • With underdevelopment of the penis as a result of such abnormalities as cavernous fibrosis, Peyronie's disease, epispadias;
  • With age-related changes that cause a decrease in the penis against the background of maintaining potency;
  • With a decrease in the size of the penis as a result of a traumatic effect on the genital area.

There are contraindications to penis enlargement surgery. This:

  1. Mental disorders;
  2. Achievement by the erect penis of a length of 18 cm or more;
  3. Diabetes;
  4. Age up to 18 years;
  5. Malignant neoplasms;
  6. Blood clotting disorders;
  7. Inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system;
  8. Inflammatory processes of the skin of the groin area;
  9. Uncontrolled increase in blood pressure;
  10. Smoothness of the coronal sulcus.

In order to identify conditions and pathologies in which surgical penis enlargement is prohibited, a number of diagnostic measures are preliminarily carried out.

Preparing for surgery and performing surgery

Preparation for ligamentotomy is to conduct a comprehensive examination. A man who plans to undergo a surgical penis enlargement procedure is prescribed the following measures:

  • Consultation with a psychiatrist;
  • Donating blood for general and biochemical tests;
  • Electrocardiogram;
  • General study of urine;
  • Study of the blood coagulation function;
  • expert advice on penis enlargement surgery
  • A smear from the urethra;
  • Anesthesiologist consultation;
  • Allergy tests to determine the patient's sensitivity to anesthetics;
  • Blood test to detect HIV, hepatitis, syphilis.

Before the operation, a man should shave off the hairline in the groin area, 12 hours before it begins, refuse to eat. On the day of the operation, you must refuse any liquid, even pure water.

Operation progress. Features of the rehabilitation period

Ligamentotomy is performed under general anesthesia. Duration - from 30 minutes to an hour.

Access to the ligament of the penis, which must be dissected, is through the scrotum. Previously, the operation was performed by accessing the ligament through the pubic region, but now this technique is practically not used and is considered obsolete. When performing such an access, a large scar remained in the pubic area, and the tissues were significantly injured.

During surgery aimed at increasing the length of the male genital organ, scrotal access is used. In this case, the surgeon makes an incision along the median suture of the scrotum and cuts the desired ligament with a scalpel. After that, the penis is pulled out as carefully as possible and fixed in a new position. The remaining incision is closed with absorbable sutures. Healing of the area through which the surgical intervention was performed occurs within 5-7 weeks.

A kind of plastic surgery is the dissection of the ligament, followed by the placement of the fatty tissues of the man into the resulting cavity under the retaining ligament. After fixation of the penis, the vacated space is filled with fatty tissues, which prevents the risk of adhesions, and also guarantees complete and painless healing of postoperative sutures.

The postoperative period is a stage that is more important than the operation itself. It is how correctly the recommendations for rehabilitation will be carried out that determines the final result.

The penis enlargement operation requires further use of a special device - an extender. It is necessary to start its use within a day after the surgical intervention. An extender is a stretcher that fixes the penis. Due to this, the penis is lengthened.

First, the extender is put on for 1. 5-2 hours a day, later this time is increased to 8 hours. In no case should the hood be worn immediately after the operation, without removing it, at the maximum position. This can lead to loss of penis volume.

extender after penis enlargement surgery

The duration of use of the device can be from 3 months to six months.

If the extractor is used correctly and regularly, then another 4 cm of length will be added to the 2 cm "released" during the operation.

In addition to using the extender, during the rehabilitation period, the patient should:

  1. To refuse from bad habits;
  2. Do not wear tight tight underwear;
  3. Refuse sex and heavy physical exertion for 3 weeks after the operation;
  4. Observe the rules of personal hygiene;
  5. Report complications to the specialist in a timely manner.

The specialist may also prescribe anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents to the patient.

Postoperative complications

Penis enlargement surgery can be complicated by:

  • Infection of wounds, which is likely even if hygiene standards are observed;
  • Deformity of the penis. This is possible if the operation was performed by an insufficiently qualified specialist;
  • bleeding;
  • Decreased angle of erection. After dissection of the ligament, the penis in an erect state is directed downwards, at an angle of no more than 30 degrees;
  • penis enlargement surgery
  • Rejection of fatty tissues when they replace the resulting space. In this case, an inflammatory process develops and there is a risk of tissue necrosis;
  • Uneven resorption of fat when supplementing ligamentotomy with lipofilling. This leads to a visible change in the penis, which becomes bumpy, with an uneven surface;
  • Hypermobility of the penis. This is because the dissected ligament no longer holds it, so the base becomes mobile and it moves down on its own.

Ligamentotomy does not affect potency in a negative way. If the operation was performed correctly, then after the healing of the sutures on the scrotum, no scars or scars remain.

Operation cost

The price of ligamentotomy is different. The final cost depends on the level of the medical institution, the qualifications of the specialist, and additional medical services.

Feedback on the procedure and its results

  • First review, male, 34 years old: "I decided to perform a ligamentotomy after trying many different "miracle" ointments and penis growth pills. None of the above remedies helped. Having studied the relevant materials, I came to the conclusion that the most reliable option, which gives the result "once and for all", is the excision of the ligament that holds the penis. Unfortunately, I did not notice a significant increase after the operation. Growth began only a month after the regular use of the extender. Disappointed as I expected more. In addition, I learned that penis lengthening of 3-4 cm can be achieved without such an expensive operation. Similar results are obtained by those who simply use the extender. That is why I advise you to carefully weigh everything and only then decide on this operation.
  • Second review, male, 23 years old: "Until the age of 16, I was not particularly interested in the size of the penis. But then, like everyone else, I started to worry that it wasn't too long. I hoped that by the age of 18 the situation would change, but everything remained as it was. 12 cm did not suit me, as well as my sexual partners, so I began to look for ways to increase the penis. In the beginning, I used creams that promised penis growth. In fact, they had an effect due to warming substances that irritated the skin and therefore made the penis more voluminous and long for a short time. I decided on a ligamentotomy. The operation was performed under anesthesia, the rehabilitation period passed without complications. After a month, during which I regularly used the extender, I noticed that the penis really increased. To be precise, the "gain" was 4 cm in an erection. In the future, I plan to continue the traction procedures, and also try jelqing. I recommend the operation to those who are completely desperate. True, its cost is high, but the result is worth it.

Ligamentotomy is a surgical method for lengthening the penis, which is effective only with the subsequent use of a stretcher (extender). The operation allows you to add up to 5 cm to the total length. The overall result will be noticeable in about 1-2 months, subject to regular use of the extender.