How does a vacuum pump work for penis enlargement

pumps for penis enlargement

Vacuum pump for penis enlargement is a vacuum constrictor device that helps to increase erection and enlarge the penis. The portable device helps restore blood microcirculation in the tissues of the inguinal region and increase the elasticity of the cavernous bodies.

Andrologists recommend using a vacuum pump for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction or who have recently had genital surgery (ligamentotomy).

Can a member be enlarged with a vacuum pump? According to research results, a vacuum enlarger allows you to stretch the cavernous bodies in the phallus and thereby increase its length and volume. Local decompression, which is created around the penis using a special flask with rarefied air, promotes intense blood filling of the erectile tissue.

However, it should be noted that as a result of improper pumping, you can get injured and reduce erection during sexual arousal.

Design features

A vacuum pump is a device that creates an area with negative pressure around the penis. Enlargement of the penis occurs due to the stretching of the cellular structures of the corpora cavernosa by excess blood pressure. Classic penis pumps consist of the following parts:

  • plastic cylinder for the phallus;
  • pump for pumping air from the cylinder;
  • shut-off valve to restore normal pressure in the device.

The mechanical vacuum pump is equipped with a special pear, which is connected to the cylinder using a hollow tube. During the compression of the pear, air is pumped out of the flask, as a result of which the atmospheric pressure in the device decreases. Decompression is needed to increase blood flow, which literally stretches the tissues that are capable of blood filling. Regular use of a vacuum pump allows you to enlarge the penis by 15-20% of its original size.

A vacuum pump is ineffective if a man develops vascular erectile dysfunction.

Modern manual vacuum erectors are equipped with a special electric pump that independently pumps air out of the cylinder. Some models are additionally equipped with pressure gauges, with which you can monitor the degree of rarefaction of air in the flask. Under the influence of negative pressure, the dorsal artery, which is located in the penis, expands. In this regard, a large amount of blood enters the tissues, which improves their trophism. The subsequent acceleration of cell mitosis makes it possible to increase the penis by 3-4 cm in length in a few months of regular use of a vacuum device.

Operating principle

How does a penis pump work? Local decompression, which is created using the device, significantly increases blood flow to the phallus. In this regard, tissue oxygenation and the ability of cells to divide are improved. Excessive blood pressure in the penis leads to stretching of the tissue tunic, which encloses the erectile tissue. The formation of additional space inside the penis stimulates the formation of new tissue elements. Penis pumping helps to increase not only the length, but also the outer diameter of the reproductive organ.

The systematic use of vacuum constrictor therapy contributes to the stabilization of potency and increased erection.

It is necessary to use a pump for penis enlargement for a long time. The soft tissues of the penis experience elastic deformation during an increase in blood pressure, so a single use of the device has only a temporary effect. To stimulate the growth of cavernous years, it is advisable to use a vacuum pump at least once a day for several months. A course of physiotherapy is guaranteed to increase the penis in girth (diameter) and length by several centimeters.

Features of vacuum pumps

Before using pumps to enlarge the phallus, you should always consult with a urologist. It should be understood that a local increase in blood pressure can cause hemorrhages and darkening of the reproductive organ. In addition, to increase the penis, you need to purchase a certain type of vacuum erector, which is sold only in a specialized store.

A low-end penis vacuum pump creates a relatively low negative pressure in the bulb. This means that penis enlargement with a pump that is sold in an intimate goods store will not succeed. Such devices are intended at best to enhance erection before sexual intercourse.

Medical pumps for men are equipped with pressure gauges and sufficiently powerful electric pumps that quickly pump air out of the cylinder. High-quality devices are equipped with a set of interchangeable nozzles of various diameters, which are fixed on the edge of the flask. Silicone nozzles change as the diameter of the penis becomes larger. In this way, it is possible to prevent depressurization of the cylinder during pumping out air.

It should be understood that the medical penis pump must be used in accordance with the instructions and precautions. Contact of the penis with a high vacuum is fraught with rupture of small capillaries and stagnation of lymph in the tissues. A side effect is expressed in a decrease in the sensitivity of the head of the penis, bruising and erectile dysfunction.


Does the pump make the penis bigger? Regular and correct use of vacuum erectors contributes to penis enlargement in any man who is able to get an erection on his own. The desired effect is achieved within a few months of daily use of the pump. Unlike extenders, the vacuum pump is in high demand. According to andrologists, this is due to the practical absence of adverse reactions if the device is used correctly.

How much to use a penis pump to achieve the desired results? After the pump, the penis almost immediately becomes larger by 1-1. 5 cm. However, this effect is temporary and to consolidate the result, you need to use the device daily for at least 1 month. It is likely that such effectiveness of therapy will not satisfy every man. However, it is vacuum erectors that are considered the safest devices for penis enlargement.

Is it possible to restore an erection with a vacuum? Many experienced nupers and andrologists note that with the help of vacuum constrictor therapy, it is possible to increase the elasticity of blood vessels and muscle tissues. Due to this, the blood supply to the erectile tissue is significantly accelerated, which causes the penis to "lift" during sexual arousal. In addition, after the vacuum pump, the penis becomes more elastic and resilient, and in the case of regular use of the medical device, it increases in size.

Instructions for use

How to use a vacuum erector correctly? Before using the device, you need to read the instructions for its use. Despite the fact that the side effect of improper use of the device is temporary, in some cases, a violation of blood circulation in the penis entails a decrease in the sensitivity of the head. Instructions for using a vacuum pump are as follows:

  • apply a small amount of warming lubricant to the penis and silicone nozzle;
  • insert the phallus with a plastic cylinder and firmly press the silicone nozzle against the pubic bone;
  • using an electric pump or a manual pear, pump out air from the device;
  • very soon the penis in the vacuum pump will turn a little red and filled with blood;
  • after 1-2 minutes, open the shut-off valve slightly and slowly let air into the cylinder.

The vacuum pump for men should be washed with soapy water after each procedure.

There is a special pump for the head of the penis, which is designed to enlarge only a specific part of the penis. It works on the same principle as the classic vacuum erector. Using such a device, you can increase the sensitivity of the penis and thereby improve the quality of sexual life.

Side effects

Before using a vacuum pump, it is advisable to be examined by a urologist. Penis enlargement with a vacuum is strictly not recommended for men suffering from acute infectious diseases of the genitourinary system. Doctors warn that male potency may decrease if procedures are abused. Therefore, it is undesirable for men using vacuum erectors to engage in physiotherapy for more than 20 minutes a day.

During the passage of vacuum constrictor therapy, it is not recommended to use blood thinners, as this only increases the likelihood of subcutaneous hemorrhages.

It should be understood that the likelihood of adverse reactions as a result of the use of medical devices is always there. Therefore, before using the pump, you should familiarize yourself with the list of possible undesirable effects:

  • swelling of the penis - if the penis swells strongly after the pump, this indicates stagnation of lymph in the tissues, which appears due to a strong decrease in atmospheric pressure in the flask during the procedure;
  • darkening of the skin - the result of hemorrhage in the subcutaneous layers of the penis; weakening of erection - indicates the formation of scars inside the cavernous ones, which often occur with excessive enlargement and subsequent rupture of microchambers;
  • the donut effect is a consequence of a violation of blood microcirculation in the head of the phallus, which is characterized by the appearance of seals on the surface of the enlarged penis.

Before you increase the size of the penis with a vacuum pump, you need to consult a doctor. It is possible to use special devices for the genital organ only in the absence of serious violations in the work of the cardiovascular system. It should be understood that it is possible to increase the size of the penis using a vacuum device only in the absence of vascular erectile dysfunction.