Penis enlargement at home

Before you start penis enlargement techniques at home, be sure to thoroughly familiarize yourself with exactly how to do it correctly so as not to get unwanted injuries or even more serious consequences. The results will be visible after about three months.

Preparation of the phallus for the beginning of the procedures

Wrap the penis with a soft, damp cloth and hold it there for three minutes, then remove the cloth briefly. Then repeat your steps several times and dry the penis dry, they make the skin more elastic and increase blood flow to the glans penis.

This should be done every time before starting penis enlargement exercises at home.

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Stretching technique

Regular stretching and squeezing of the penis can not only increase its size, but also prolong the erection.

There are several variants of this technique:

  1. This is the most common technique. Take a relaxed penis in your hand, squeeze the head just enough so as not to impede blood circulation. Then start pulling it away from you for 5 minutes until you feel discomfort. Take a minute to rest. Then, to restore blood circulation, massage it, performing circular movements about 30 times. Repeat these exercises 5 times in different directions, the last stretch should be from yourself. When finished, squeeze it gently about 10 times.
  2. Squeeze the head of the penis, which is in a relaxed state, and stretch it without hurting yourself. Fix this position for 30-40 seconds. Take a rest. Continue the exercise, gradually bringing the stretching time to 20 minutes, the rest should be at least 10 minutes long.
  3. In this case, the stretching of the penis will be both in a calm and in an excited state. First, press with three fingers of one hand on the point between the scrotum and anus. With the other hand, move the penis back and forth, while stroking the head until it is completely aroused. Then grab the base of the penis and pull it forward 3-4 cm, after which start rotating it 36 times in both directions. After completing the exercise, tap alternately on both legs from the inside of the thigh in the same way 36 times.

These exercises will effectively help you with penis enlargement at home.

Grip and Stretch Technique

This type of exercise is ideal for those who want to try penis enlargement at home, but who constantly do not have enough free time, as they take a maximum of 5 minutes, and as a result, you can get 3 cm plus in just three months.

They can be done not according to the regimen, but as it turns out several times a day. And do not be shy about it, repeat them as often as possible. The basis of this technique lies in the tension of the erectile tissue, which occurs with regular stretching of the erect penis.

It also increases the elasticity of the skin, increases blood flow and, as a result, due to this, the total mass of the penis increases.

Let's move on to the exercises themselves. Lubricate your penis with something, then slowly, with a gradual increase in rhythm, begin to stroke it. Clamp while moving a member in the area of the head, stretching the skin as much as possible.

And then squeeze the base to fix the blood in it as much as you can. As the rhythm accelerates, increase the grip until the penis is fully aroused.

Then grab the head of the penis with one hand, and pinch its base with the other. And pull in opposite directions, but without causing pain to yourself.

First, pull straight and stay in this position for 10 seconds, then to the right for the same 10 seconds, and then to the left for the same time and finally pull it down. Repeat each exercise at least four times.

As you finish doing them, slightly loosen the hand at the base of the penis, while you should feel how the blood drains from it. At this point, ejaculation may occur.

When practicing this technique, most importantly, remember your own safety. In no case do not overdo it with the grip, be sure to use lubricant and at the first noticeable pain, be sure to stop doing the exercises.