Penis Enlargement Methods

Many men believe that their penis is far from the ideal that exists in their minds.

girl wants a man with an enlarged dick

Everyone involuntarily compares his sexual organ with those that he saw in magazines, porn films or in the locker room of his sports club. Therefore, it is no coincidence that modern men want to be the owners of a more "representative" and large penis, not only in an erect, but also in a calm state.

The desire to increase the size of the penis in an erect state is most often determined by the characteristics of the sexual partner's sexuality. Some women get the greatest pleasure during sexual contact from touching the glans penis to the cervix and prefer fairly long phalluses. Others experience orgasm from irritation of the labia minora and clitoris, such women often want their partner's penis to be thicker. And many men experience the more pleasure from sex, the brighter and stronger orgasm their partner experiences.

Thus, no matter what reason prompts a man to enlarge his penis, this desire is absolutely normal, and most importantly, quite feasible.

The length of the male genital organ is anatomically determined by the length of the cavernous bodies that form its basis, providing an erection, as well as the spongy body surrounding the urethra. It is impossible to "build up" the penis quickly by increasing the length of the cavernous bodies and the spongy body due to their anatomical and functional features. Therefore, all really working modern methods of lengthening the penis are based on its gradual stretching with the help of various devices and in various ways.

Non-surgical penis enlargement methods

1. Vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps have a beneficial effect on improving blood circulation in the tissues and are a means of helping to achieve an erection, but such procedures are not enough for a long-term and significant increase in the size of the penis.

2. Tightening therapy, erection rings

Erection rings allow you to maintain a powerful erection and cause an increase in the cavernous bodies, and, consequently, the size of the penis. Some believe that wearing such a ring is a very erotic and highly pleasurable activity. Despite the fact that this tool does not help everyone and not as quickly as we would like, it is still a good tool in a man's "sexual arsenal".

3. Drugs

Drugs, the action of which is aimed at excitation and increased blood flow to the genitals of a man, and, as a result, an increase in the length and diameter of the penis. And although their action has a short-term effect, nevertheless, with regular use (from 6 months) and in combination with other means (pomp, erection rings), they contribute to the achievement of good results.

4. Application of tensile force

One of the oldest and most effective methods.

Ancient peoples, due to their individual aesthetic ideas about beauty, often resorted to this method to increase and change the shape of the ears, lips, nose, neck and, of course, the penis. In the upper reaches of the Indian river Ganges, one of the most ancient cults on Earth has been preserved. Their saints (Sadhus) believe that the Spirit of God resides in the male penis. Therefore, they resort to various ritual practices of changing the shape of the penis, in order to thereby achieve spiritual union with phallic deities. They gradually increase the weight of the load suspended from the end of their members, and do so until their penises reach incredible sizes.

Fortunately, modern medicine has saved us from having to carry a kettlebell in our pants. Innovative medical developments have given the world modern, safe and most effective means for penis enlargement through the application of tensile force.


The operation of suspension releasing or dissection of the supporting ligament of the penis in itself gives a lengthening of the penis by 2-3 cm. With this procedure, the male member does not become longer, but only "pulls out" its hidden part in the human body, which creates the impression of its lengthening. The use of the stretching and massage system immediately after the operation and over the next few months allows you to lengthen the penis up to 6 cm (on average 4-5 cm). The operation itself lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour and requires a hospital stay for 1-2 days. After it remains a small scar in the pubic area. For obese men, extracting a certain amount of fat from the pubic area will also benefit.

Increasing the diameter of the penis is a more difficult task than lengthening it. The introduction of various gels, pastes, vaseline oil under the skin of the penis gives severe complications up to the loss of the skin of the penis and even the ability to have an erection if the gel enters the cavernous bodies. Such patients have to be operated on to save the penis and restore its functions. At present, quite effective surgical and microsurgical techniques for increasing the diameter of the penis have already been developed and are being used, based on the transfer of tissues (fat or muscle) from other parts of the body and placing them under the skin of the penis. But before you decide on a surgical thickening of the penis, you should keep in mind the following. These operations are quite complex, lengthy and expensive. They sometimes require a sufficient stay in the hospital and careful postoperative medical supervision. There is a high chance of complications.

What is the normal size of the penis? Of course, there is no hard and fast rule. However, if the length of the penis of an adult male in a state of erection is less than 8 cm, this is considered a pathology called a micropenis. But in most cases, a man decides for himself whether the dimensions of his "dignity" are normal or not. It depends on his aesthetic preferences, the demands of his sexual partner and the importance that he generally attaches to the appearance of his penis.