Penis enlargement

penis enlargement techniques

All men of any age, social status and marital status thought about penis enlargement. With age, many come to the conclusion that he does not need a penis like in the film, because the average penis size is from 12 to 16 centimeters in length and from 3 to 4 in thickness. It is advisable to realize that you cannot radically enlarge your penis. But at the same time, do not despair, falling into despondency.

Thinking that you have an insufficient penis undermines self-esteem and general condition. With the rise of the media and globalization, standards are being adjusted to fit popular culture. And the sex gap is poorly developed all over the world, because of this, phobias and mass delusions appear.

If you are unhappy with the size of your penis, you should contact a sex therapist who can determine the size and compare it with the norm, and, if necessary, prescribe ways to enlarge the penis, up to radical ones, such as surgery.

But most often the most popular is the increase in the size of the penis at home.

Note that the standard penis for a resident is 12 to 16 centimeters in length and 3-4 in thickness, not 25. At the same time, the number of satisfied partners with 14-centimeter penises is much higher than with 25-centimeter ones.

Common methods of penis enlargement

There are two main ways to enlarge your penis:

  • Independently, without using an operation;
  • Surgically.

At the same time, the surgical method requires preoperative preparation and is distinguished by a rehabilitation period - an integral part of the intervention. Complications are also possible. Moreover, the method does not give fantastic results.

How to enlarge your penis at home

Even an increase of 3-5 centimeters takes time and patience, as the growth of new body tissues is slow.

Most popular are:

  • Jelqing;
  • Stretching with weights;
  • Massages;
  • Application of special pumps and extenders;
  • Use of sprays, ointments and gels.

The member consists of two muscles: the sciatic and the bulbous. Inside these muscles are cavities that fill with blood, increasing the size of the organ and making it hard. At the same time, it is known that all muscles can be made bigger and stronger.

Before any interaction with the muscles, they need to be warmed up. For the penis, you can use a hot towel.

All types of massage are reduced to warm-ups in different directions and stretching for additional blood flow.

Jelqing - Safe Penis Enlargement at Home

Jelqing is called stretching the penis. It is advisable to produce it under a hot shower. You can use warming agents or drugs to enlarge the penis, the essence of these funds is to increase blood flow and expand the pores of the cavernous body. Jelqing involves movement similar to milking a cow. You should grasp the penis at the base, with slow movements with effort to push the blood to the head with a slight delay at the end. The effect is worth waiting for in a few months - everything is individual. From all types of massage and jelqing, the effect becomes permanent.

Massages - simple penis enlargement

Take the head of the penis in your hands without blocking the blood flow. The head should be pulled back until unpleasant sensations arise, fix it in this position for a minute. After a minute, pull back a little harder for a couple of minutes, then release, relax and stretch the fabric. The massage can be done in different directions. One session should last about 10 minutes. Upon completion, take the penis in your hand and make several squeezes. Attention - in order to avoid injuries, do not more often than once every three days, do not bring to pain.

Other ways

There are many ways to stretch - usually the head of the penis is clamped in special devices and pulled out for a certain time. The main thing is safety. For this, special extenders are used.

Separately, pumps for penis enlargement can be distinguished - a pump is put on the organ, and air is pumped out of it. The member is filled with blood, increasing in size. The pumps themselves are not a panacea, as the effect wears off over time, but it can be seen immediately.

Combined application of several methods gives reliable results. Given that the size of the penis also depends on the level of testosterone, it is better to first normalize the level of this hormone - in the event that there is a deviation.

A sufficient size of the penis is also achieved with a stable erection. For a lasting erection, you can use natural preparations that stimulate blood circulation in the groin area.

The best result in home penis enlargement is given by a combination of taking harmless male preparations, massage or stretching and treatment of the tissues of the penis with special ointments, gels and sprays.