Penis Enlargement Tips

penis enlargement silicone nozzle

It is rare to find a man who is completely satisfied with the size and thickness of his penis. According to statistics. Almost every third man is not satisfied with the size of his penis and thinks about ways and methods to increase it.

Now there are many ways to enlarge the penis - surgery, massages, special preparations, penis enlargement nozzles. More and more men prefer the latter, because they have no contraindications and side effects, while helping to achieve sexual satisfaction for both partners. There are many types of such nozzles, which may differ in purpose, shape, size and other parameters.

What is it and what are there?

Many people confuse penis attachments with penis enlargement pumps and with extenders. Attachments are completely different, because they are designed to increase the penis immediately before sexual intercourse, while extenders and pumps are for physical and permanent growth. The nozzle is worn directly on the penis and is necessary for those men who lack the natural stimulation of the organ during sexual intercourse. Such nozzles can increase the time of sexual intercourse and make the orgasm brighter for both partners. Some nozzles act directly on the head, so ejaculation comes later.

Nozzles for penis enlargement are different and their choice depends on the desired final result. There are several main types:

  • lengthening;
  • thickening;
  • embossed;
  • stimulating.

Also, nozzles can differ among themselves and according to the material of manufacture. The most popular are latex and silicone, sex toys made of PVC and thermoplastic rubber, cyberskin are also in demand.

Interesting! There are more complex nozzles that have a special purpose. For example, double - for lengthening the penis and stimulating the anus, with pimples, elastic models with the ability to turn them inside out.

penis enlargement nozzle photo 2

Pros and cons of using

It’s worth saying right away that the disadvantages of using such devices practically do not exist, although improperly selected models can slip off or a man’s pleasant sensations may decrease. It all depends on the individual partners, so you may have to try several options before you can find the perfect one.

The benefits of using it are undeniable. The right nozzle can increase the pleasant sensations of sexual intercourse for both men and women. It is also worth noting the following advantages:

  1. a man always has the opportunity, at a convenient moment for him, to change the size of his organ and deliver an unforgettable orgasm to his partner;
  2. prolongation of sexual intercourse, ejaculation delay;
  3. nozzles for penis enlargement can be used repeatedly, and this is cost-effective;
  4. contribute to self-esteem and a sense of fulfillment.

Such devices must be used correctly and then they will give you pleasure for a long time.

How to use?

Penis enlargement tips must be properly worn. Each package has detailed instructions on how to use, so there will be no problems with this. During sex, the device should not interfere with any of the partners.

Before sex, you need to prepare a little. They are worn on the principle of a condom on an excited organ.

Remember! Before first use, thoroughly wipe the surfaces of the device with alcohol or an antibacterial solution, rinse with water and soda and dry thoroughly. Before each use, it is not necessary to do this, after sex, just rinse the product and dry it.

You should not give your sex toy to anyone - this is a matter of hygiene and health. Such nozzles should be used strictly individually.

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Types of nozzles

If we talk about the types of devices, then each can deliver certain sensations and unforgettable pleasure.


Nozzles for penis enlargement can be lengthening. This type of device can give pleasure to both partners, because it is made of delicate materials. Devices can lengthen an organ up to 20 cm - this is really unrealistic and this effect cannot be achieved in any other way.

The lengthening option may have ribbing or bubbles on its surface for additional stimulation.


A nozzle to increase the thickness of the members of the penis is put on under the head and does not lengthen the organ. It is highly recommended not to use lubricant when using the nozzle with an open head, as it may slip off during intercourse.

Additionally, there may also be pimples, beads, ribbing on the surface. The choice depends only on personal preferences.


A great option for those men who want to greatly surprise their partner. Such devices will bring unforgettable pleasure to both. Such nozzles can be used together with dildos, which will bring double pleasure.

Vibrating devices are a great option for women, because they allow you to get new and unforgettable feelings with your old partner without cheating on him. The vibrating element itself is located at the base of the organ or on the head (there may be several). The device can even have several speed modes. An interesting option is vibration models with vibrating bullets.

erection rings

Pretty interesting option. They can be of three types - simple, with a vibrating massager, with a clamp. Such rings are necessary for those men whose erection does not reach the proper level. The rings help the penis to fully "stand up" and keep it in that position during the entire sexual intercourse.

To stimulate the female clitoris

Separately, it is worth mentioning nozzles with protrusion to stimulate the erogenous zones of a woman. Such spikes or protrusions additionally stimulate the clitoris and give the woman a unique sensation.

penis enlargement nozzle


Although such sex toys at first glance seem harmless, there are still minimal contraindications. Among these are the following:

  1. blood diseases;
  2. heart pathology;
  3. individual allergic reactions to the material.

Important! You should not wear such toys just like that - the penis does not grow from them. On the contrary, problems can begin from long wearing. These toys are designed to be used exclusively during intercourse, remember this!

In fact, contraindications are really minimal. Read the instructions carefully and use the toy correctly. If discomfort, rash or skin irritation occurs, stop using the toy and see a doctor.

Most Popular

There are many manufacturers and models of nozzles that increase the length, diameter of the penis and stimulate the erogenous zones of women. Basically, these are inexpensive and easy-to-use devices. Made of silicone, odorless and absolutely safe. The nozzle will give pleasure to both partners.

Selection Guide

When choosing a similar sex toy, first of all, you should pay attention to the model and type of nozzle. What do you want to increase the member in volume? Then you need a thickening, if you want to lengthen, then, accordingly, lengthening.

The material of manufacture is also important. Cyber-leather products are rightfully considered the best choice, they give a natural feeling and do not cause allergies. Latex is categorically not recommended for allergy sufferers, and PVC products can hamper movement and not give a man complete satisfaction.

The method of attachment to the penis, the presence of additional features - all this, too, pay attention. When buying in a store, you should already know exactly what you need. The seller can advise anything, and you, subsequently, will be very disappointed. Read the characteristics of the selected model, find real reviews and then go shopping.

Important! Don't buy cheap options! They can be harmful and dangerous to health.

Reviews of men and women

  • First review: "My boyfriend has a small dick and I experienced almost nothing during sex with him. I even wanted to leave, because I think that sex, if not the main thing, but not a secondary one in a relationship. The extension nozzle just saved ourrelationship. Now he and I experience a violent orgasm from every sex, both are satisfied. We want to buy more other similar toys, because there are many of them and each is special in its own way. "
  • Second review: "After giving birth, my wife began to complain that I didn’t satisfy her. I found a great solution - penis nozzles, now we already have a huge collection of them. and wants me all the time! "
  • Third review: "I was always embarrassed about my penis - long, but kind of thin, if you can call it that. The girl gave me a nozzle to increase volume for my birthday, I was even offended at first, but then I decided to try it anyway. It's just incredible! Andshe and I had an orgasm, and the sex lasted about an hour - for me it's quite a long time, it used to be no more than 10 minutes.