How to enlarge pisyun with soda. Secrets of stunning penis enlargement with soda

Penis enlargement with soda is the most modern method of resolving this delicate male problem. Surgical intervention reliably guarantees that the genital organ will become larger, but not every man is ready to go under the knife, and not everyone who wants it has the means to do so. The use of soda is much more affordable, and therefore more popular. Whether there is a result from it is an ambiguous question. Many representatives of the stronger sex, who used this method of penis enlargement on themselves, were satisfied. But there are those who find this method ineffective and unsafe and even risky.

Some Popular Penis Enlargement Methods

One of the popular penis enlargement methods that has been successfully used since ancient times is the use of baking soda. This method can be easily combined with other methods, such as massage. Another benefit of using baking soda is that it is relatively safe, unlike many creams that have dubious ingredients. After surgery, there is a risk that a man will not be able to fully function sexually. Weighting agents are unsafe because they can damage the genitals.

Applications of soda

Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, is a white powder. It has a large number of useful qualities that are used in cooking, cleaning, as well as the treatment of many diseases. Soda is used to treat thrush in women, but for men, another use of this product is relevant.

Before you learn how to enlarge your penis with soda, you should decide if you really need it. Scientists have long proved that a woman does not need a large sexual organ for sexual satisfaction - technique is important here. But if a man dares to take such drastic measures, it is better to start with the simplest, most accessible and relatively natural method, such as using baking soda.

soda for penis enlargement

How to use baking soda for penis enlargement

With the help of soda, which almost everyone in the house has, you can make baths for the penis. They will contribute to the elasticity of the penis. To make a bath, you need one teaspoon of baking soda to one glass of warm water. Take a bath for at least 15 minutes. This procedure is recommended to be done an hour before sexual intercourse. Many men in their reviews said that the result after using this method is weak. But almost everyone noted that, even if there was no increase in the penis, then its elasticity increased very significantly.

You can also use baking soda as a scrub. To do this, you must first moisten the penis, and then carefully rub the soda along the entire length. As a result of these manipulations, blood begins to actively flow into the genital organ. But you need to keep in mind the negative side of this method. Soda can provoke irritation and burning of the penis. It must be applied very carefully. Although the particles of sodium bicarbonate are very small, they can injure the very thin and sensitive skin of the penis, causing pain. Scrubbing with soda enhances erection and, although slightly, really enlarges the penis. To consolidate the result, it is recommended to use soda with milk, this will also strengthen overall health.

soda scrub for penis enlargement

Not so popular, but also an effective method of using soda to enlarge the penis is the use of compresses. Soda is spread on a clean cloth (it can be a bandage folded in several layers), soaked a little and applied to the organ. You can leave this compress for 15-20 minutes, but no more.

Do not allow soda to get on the head of the penis, so as not to injure it!

In about two months of using soda, the penis will add about one centimeter in size, and in some cases more. It all depends on the body and complexion of the man.

Do not forget that the use of baking soda can provoke allergies. After the procedure, be sure to rinse the penis with warm water, without soap.

soda and towel for penis enlargement

Contraindications to the use of soda

There are practically no significant contraindications, but you should not forget about precautionary measures. Do not forget to check the expiration date of this product, follow the prescribed dosage, massage and scrub only with clean hands. These simple measures will protect you from unwanted consequences.

Do not be upset if after the first application of soda there is no effect. In order for any result to be noticeable, soda must be used regularly for two or even four months. This is hard work that requires great perseverance and dedication.

Penis size is important for all men. Many of them are dissatisfied with natural data and think about how to really increase a penis in order to raise self-esteem. Not everyone is ready for the operation, but traditional medicine offers the most convenient means for increasing male dignity.

There are five effective ways to make the penis huge:

  1. Vacuum pump - a special flask is put on the organ, in which reduced pressure is created. Due to this, the penis increases in size. If you use this method every day, after a year you can notice clear results. But at the same time, the quality of erection suffers.
  2. Stretching with a weight - it is attached to the penis to stretch, left like that for several hours. The length of the penis increases, but the thickness decreases. In addition, improper suspension can lead to deformation, impaired sensitivity.
  3. The operation is an effective way to build a penis, but only if it is professionally performed. After the intervention, scars remain on the penis that do not look aesthetically pleasing. And if the operation is unsuccessful, you can forget about the erection.
  4. Medications - give an effect only for a while. Most contain a vitamin complex and substances that improve blood circulation. But to lengthen the penis for a long time in this way will not work.
  5. Physical exercises - are aimed at improving blood circulation, quickly normalize the amount of hormones in the blood. Increased blood flow to the penis ensures its enlargement.

Benefits of folk recipes

Enlargement of the male organ with the help of herbs has several advantages:

  1. Herbal preparations are available, sold at any pharmacy. If desired, useful ingredients can be collected in the field or in the meadow.
  2. Safety – Pharmaceuticals cause side effects. Phytotherapy is absolutely harmless to men's health.
  3. Long-term effect - regular herbal treatment gives a stable result. It does not come immediately, but persists for a long time.

If you show patience and make some efforts, you can definitely achieve results.


The increase in folk remedies has several disadvantages that are important to know about:

  1. The first results can be observed only after a few months, but not all men are willing to wait.
  2. The required components must be prepared: collected, processed, dried, then prepared from them infusion. This takes time and effort.

Folk methods of penis enlargement do not always involve the use of medicinal herbs and rare components, sometimes the goal can be achieved using other means. The sex shop sells special products containing special substances. Entering the tissue of the penis, they cause its increase. You can also use inexpensive, time-tested methods. One of them is baking soda.

The procedure is performed in the following way:

  1. Take a hot shower to steam the skin, dry with a towel.
  2. Lubricate your penis with vegetable oil along the entire length, apply a small amount of soda on top.
  3. Within a few minutes, using a soft sponge, massage the male organ.

As a result of all these actions, the penis should increase by several millimeters. There is an effect, but it lasts only a few hours. If there is discomfort during the procedure, you can additionally use a softening cream.

Does soda affect the male genital organ?

Almost all people, after going online and driving in their request, rush to the first link that comes across. But who said that in the first link the truth will be told and there will be not a drop of lies. Has anyone wondered why the penis is getting bigger? Why is it increasing? We will talk about this now.

The penis increases due to the fact that the blood flow in the arteries to the genital organ becomes greater, and the outflow of venous blood becomes smaller, as a result of which the caverns of the male genital organ are filled with blood, and it increases in volume several times. That is, in order to increase a member, we need to increase blood flow in the arteries, and soda helps. Soda, when used correctly, has such a function as blood thinning, which allows you to thin the blood and increase its flow through the arteries.

But there is also a "fly in the ointment in a barrel of honey" here. To the question: "Does soda help to increase the male genital organ? "Doctors answer - negatively. But the effect of soda on our body with you will not be the best. Therefore, before asking the question: "How to enlarge a man's penis with sodium bicarbonate (soda)? "Ask yourself the question: "And what problems can arise with the body after its use? "

Options for using soda.

Option: baths

The easiest and most common manufacturing option is

  • Dissolve one teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of warm water.
  • Soak your penis in the bath for fifteen minutes.

Note: apply this method for forty-five
minutes before sexual intercourse, otherwise there will be no visible result.


A man after using the bath has an increase in the flexibility of the penis and an increase in its size by a maximum of two centimeters, more has not yet been observed. Don't be discouraged by flexibility and a slight increase is also a result.

Option: scrub

This method has more success than baths, and now I will talk about it:

  • Wet the penis along the entire length.
  • Rub sodium bicarbonate, that is, soda, along the entire length.

Note: some people shared their experience and reported that after applying the scrub, the penis felt burning, and a rash appeared on its surface, that is, irritation. So think three times before using a scrub, and whether you need it.

I can tell you a little secret how to avoid irritation. We cannot somehow change the chemical properties of sodium bicarbonate (soda), but we can alleviate them. If we add a substance such as honey and mix soda with honey one to one, then in the vast majority of cases we can get rid of irritation, as well as burning.


The sexual organ of a man can increase up to four centimeters. It will also have rigidity, longer intercourse and several other factors.

Option: compress

This method is not as well known as the above, but it still needs to be told,

  • Prepare an ointment from honey sodium bicarbonate in a ratio of one to one.
  • Coat the penis with the resulting ointment.
  • Do not tightly wrap the penis with any sterile thing such as a bandage, medical tissue, and others.

Note: there may be irritation and do not apply ointment to the head, peeling may occur.


Penis enlargement up to 3 centimeters, lengthening of sexual intercourse.

Warning: The above methods may have side effects such as rashes, itching, redness, and more.

penis measurement after soda enlargement

Precautionary measures:

  1. Do not use soda inside the body - this will negatively affect your gastrointestinal tract, and the penis will not grow from this,
  2. Soda is a powder, and powder can affect the level of sugars in the body. Dangerous for people with diabetes. I advise you not to take risks.
  3. Do not experiment with ointment, it is better to do it according to proven recipes.
  4. Do not overdo it, it can result in a big problem.


Sodium bicarbonate (soda) most likely belongs to the interval between the second and third groups, because it does not give much penis enlargement, but at the same time it also gives additional effects such as flexibility, longer sexual intercourse and many others. Also from this article, we learned that there are at least three ways to use soda for penis enlargement.

Should I enlarge my penis?

First, the situation does not always require correction. If your penis seems small, just take measurements. Pathology is rare when experts agree with a man. This is called a micropenis, that is, in an erect state, manhood does not exceed 8 cm. If the length is from 10 to 15 cm, then this is quite acceptable. Sometimes a man wants to enlarge the penis, as it looks small in a calm state. But the original length and width of the organ does not affect its size in an excited state. But a man wants his penis to stand out not only in bed, but also in the sauna, locker room, toilet, when he is in the company of other men.

Secondly, most men who want to go under the knife for penis enlargement may experience dysmorphia. That is, his body does not seem to be what it really is. This happens with anorexia, when it seems to a too thin patient that he still has extra pounds. A man with a normal penis size who decides to enlarge it is more likely to be helped by a psychiatrist than a surgeon.

non-surgical penis enlargement

If you have not abandoned the idea of penis enlargement, then read more affordable and non-traumatic ways:

  1. Vacuum pump. A vacuum is created in a special pump, due to which the blood flow increases dramatically and the penis becomes larger than before. And to prevent backflow of blood, to keep the resulting size, just pinch the penis at the base with a special ring. This method is used for, but its disadvantage is that the effect is temporary. When the action is over, your body will be the same size. There are also negative consequences here: abscesses, bruises, impotence, damaged blood vessels, loss of color and thickness of the skin. She simply thins out. The clamping ring can only be worn for a maximum of 30 minutes, otherwise you are in danger of tissue necrosis.
  2. Exercises and other tricks. How to increase penis size while at home? There are different techniques, exercises that, when performed for a long time, help to cope with the complex of a small penis. For example, ancient Arabic. It is based on the daily kneading of the penis, its pulling. Gradually, you increase the massage time to a blissful 30 minutes, but in no case allow yourself to reach orgasm. As soon as you feel that he is approaching, take a break. How does the penis grow in this case? It is believed that constant microtrauma, that is, a dosed load, leads to tearing of the tissues of the penis, the growth of new cells, and an increase in cavernous bodies. Caution, clarity of action, a change of hands are required from a man, since any increase in the load on one of the sides of the penis leads to its curvature and further complications.

How to increase the length of the penis - traditional medicine

Increasing the size of the penis has become relevant, so medicine has developed several ways to help increase the length and width of this organ.


An excellent procedure, especially if you are thinking about how to increase the penis in width. A bloodless method, which is based on the introduction of only one's own cells into the body of the penis.

During the manipulation, fat is pumped out from any part of the body with a special thick hollow needle and pumped into the penis. Due to this, an additional volume, the width of the penis is formed.

The sampling of adipose tissue is painless, as a cannula with a rounded end is used. That is, when injected, it does not injure the nerves and blood vessels, but simply pushes them apart, fat cells are sucked into the syringe with the help of a vacuum. There are almost no consequences, since the adipose tissue belongs to the patient, there is no rejection. Instead, hyaluronic acid is sometimes used, but the effect is enough for a year, the procedure has to be repeated.

Is it possible to increase penis size permanently?

In the well-known practice of the surgeon, there are several ways: dissection of the ligament, which is located in the pubic region, pulling out part of the penis from the pubic region. This part of the body before the operation is hidden. The surgeon fixes the muscle, performs plastic surgery of the integument of the pubic region. You should not expect that after such procedures it will increase immediately by 10 cm. The most effective is an increase in the organ by 5 cm. If, nevertheless, this result seems small, the surgeon will give you recommendations on how to increase the size of the penis, following which you can add 1 more2 cm while at home.

Indications for prompt resolution of the issue

For the operation, not only the desire of the patient is important, but also the initial size of the penis:

  1. When the penis is less than 9 cm, that is, the specialist deals with the underdevelopment of the penis, when every millimeter is important.
  2. With a length of about 12 cm, the operation is performed simply to improve the size and achieve a pronounced result.
  3. With a length of more than 12 cm, the operation will already be complementary.

If you are not very concerned about the size of the penis, you are a supporter of everything natural, then try it. It is based on herbal ingredients that do not irritate. The cream is applied twice a day, rubbed with massage movements. According to the manufacturers, it not only promotes the growth of the penis, but also prolongs sexual intercourse, makes the erection bright, persistent, and long lasting. If you do not feel pleasure from sex, ejaculation has become premature, erection has weakened, then Penon penis enlargement cream is what you need. You can buy the drug on our website, the price corresponds to the quality, and one tube is enough for 1. 5-2 months.

You can enlarge a member in many ways. After a detailed consultation with specialists, perhaps even a psychologist, you will be able to choose the method that suits you best.

Medical correction

Today, microsurgical and surgical techniques for this purpose use the transfer of tissues from other parts of the body of a man and their implantation under the skin of the penis. One of the options for such an operation is the transfer of the subcutaneous fat complex from the gluteal fold. In this way, you can increase the diameter of the body by one, maximum two centimeters.

The surgeon places the tissue under the skin of the penis along its entire length. It turns out its kind of wrapping. The skin sampling sites are sutured so that they are almost invisible. The suture is applied intradermally. Thus, thickening is achieved by adding skin from another part of the body to the organ. If the patient wants to increase the thickness of the penis by more than one centimeter, the surgeon uses another intervention option. This is a microsurgical thickening by the method of transferring muscle tissue. The operation, in comparison with the previous one, is much more complicated. It lasts a long time, and the recovery period after it is not easy. But the more difficult the task, the more difficult it is to achieve it.

Therefore, when deciding to carry out such operations, you need to think carefully, take into account their complexity, high cost, and the length of the recovery period. It is necessary to take into account the risk of possible complications after the intervention. After all, nature does not like such intrusions, and even into such a subtle sphere. Sometimes, as a result of such a correction of the penis, tuberosity may appear. More often, complications occur in the form of a wound infection, bleeding, prolonged swelling of the penis. Perhaps a temporary or permanent decrease in the sensitivity of the head of the penis, the occurrence of pain during erection.

Increasing the thickness of the penis with an extender

This method is more secure. An extender is a special device that enlarges the penis. It was created taking into account the developments of prominent sexologists who have been looking for a solution to the above problem for decades. Initially, the purpose of creating an extender was to increase the length of a man's dignity. But practice shows that along with lengthening, the thickness of the penis also increases. It does this by pumping up muscle tissue. In fact, the increase is proportional. It is impossible to lengthen an organ without a concomitant increase in its diameter.

The essence of the extender is simple. The penis is pulled out thanks to a specially designed mechanism. If you follow the instructions exactly, the procedure will be painless. Changes are achieved due to the natural function of the body to increase the number of those cells that are affected.

Exercise and massage

These are the most affordable and safest ways to achieve the goal.

To perform a special exercise, it is imperative to use lubricant so as not to injure the penis. The procedure should be carried out with an incomplete erection, avoiding acute pain. It is necessary to squeeze the base of the penis with your left hand and slowly move forward towards the head. When you reach her corolla, take the penis with your right hand and move forward in the same way. That is, with your hands you create the effect of milking (pulling). At the same time, you need to focus on the desired result.

Massage is a simpler procedure. These are circular rotational movements from the base to the head of the organ. They need to be done after preliminary lubrication of the organ. The procedure is carried out daily, systematically. It takes two months to complete. It is recommended to take dietary supplements in parallel to stimulate metabolic processes in the body.