Top 15 Best Exercises for Fast Penis Enlargement

Race and genetic predisposition affect the length of the penis. Penis enlargement exercises give it additional mass due to intensive blood supply to the organ. However, a quick result cannot be achieved. Only persistent and regular training will help to achieve the desired effect.

How can exercise help enlarge your penis?

The system of exercises to increase male dignity helps to start active cell growth and increase its volume in an erect state. Due to mechanical stretching, the load on the pelvic area, muscles and skin of the penis increases. Some techniques allow you to stabilize the psycho-emotional background of a man, as well as to achieve:

  • increasing the length and thickness of the phallus;
  • elimination of premature ejaculation and congestion;
  • alignment of curvatures (if any);
  • improvement of quantitative and qualitative indicators of sperm;
  • normalization of blood flow and activity of the reproductive system;
  • getting a bright orgasm;
  • prevention of diseases affecting the genitourinary system;
  • elimination of psychological problems associated with an inferiority complex.

You need to train a member regularly, following the rules of the chosen technique.

Benefits of Manual Stimulation

About 30% of the tissues of the penis are cavernous bodies. With physical manipulation, they begin to increase. With age, the percentage of smooth muscle tissue decreases, which leads to loss of tone and weakening of erection. Capsules and tablets that improve the blood supply to the penis work temporarily, having a negative effect on the body (if the composition is synthetic). Exercise helps to keep the reproductive organ in excellent shape, maintaining sexual health for many years.

Preparing for a workout

Before performing penis enlargement exercises, you should prepare the sexual organ in advance so as not to get serious complications. This can be done by heating, which will expand the vessels and make the tissues as elastic as possible. There are several heating options:

  1. Soak a towel in hot water and apply to the penis.
  2. Pour cereal, sand or salt into the bag, heat it and apply it to the genitals.
  3. Take a hot shower.
  4. They warm up with steam: pour boiling water into a container and hang the penis halfway into it, covering the jar with a sheet or towel. In order not to get burned here you need to be as careful as possible.

Having chosen the most suitable method of preparation, they begin to warm up, which contributes to the achievement of a quick effect. The most popular exercises are:

  1. Rubbing. The penis is rolled between the palms without pressure and friction, so that there are no unpleasant sensations and discomfort.
  2. Shaking. They swing their genitals in different directions.
  3. Claps. The sexual organ is patted on the hips, which helps to relieve tension.

The training will be beneficial if you do not forget about the preparatory activities. It is necessary to complete the exercises for penis growth competently: to carry out a light massage, followed by warming up. However, the temperature should not be high so that the germ cells do not die and lose their ability to move. The final stage will improve blood circulation through the vessels.

Top 18 Penis Enlargement Exercises

There are many techniques that allow men to change the parameters of their intimate organ in a big way. It can be simple stretching, Taoist techniques, Kegel exercises, wearing special devices, massage. Performing exercises to lengthen the penis, it is necessary to clearly control the physical sensations. It is important that the stretching of the genital muscles takes place without an erection.

Kegel exercise

This technique will not significantly affect the length and thickness of the penis, but will help improve the quality of intimate life. The technique is based on stretching the pubococcygeus muscle. It regulates the process of urination and is responsible for the severity of orgasm. This muscle can be felt if you stop urinating. With each trip to the toilet, it is necessary to delay the stream of urine several times.

Julia's exercise

A rather dangerous tactic for changing the parameters of the phallus. The penis is brought into an erect state by 60-70%. Further:

  • they wrap their fingers around the organ and squeeze it hard;
  • in this position are delayed for 30 seconds;
  • gradually move to the middle of the penis, without loosening the grip, stop again;
  • the hand is slowly shifted to the head, not reaching 2-3 cm, and again they stop.

One approach lasts about a minute. You can perform up to 5 repetitions daily 5 times a week. After a month of regular training, the penis grows by 2-3 cm.

Taoist exercises

Ancient practices for penis lengthening are similar to manual techniques with twisting, stretching, squeezing. However, they should be performed in conjunction with breathing exercises, gently pressing on the muscles in the perineum with three fingers of the left hand.

  1. Warm-up: press with the middle fingers on the cavity in the base of the skull. Massage in a circle up to 50 times, trying to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. The tongue should touch the palate.
  2. Main part: pull the pelvic muscles inward and hold the tension for 15 seconds, inhaling deeply. Then exhale slowly and relax.
  3. Repeat exercises daily 21 times.

Movements are carried out in a standing position, legs apart shoulder-width apart and hands down along the body.


They achieve a stable erection and rotate the pelvis in different directions for 2-5 minutes. This is a very useful exercise that can be done daily.

Exercise system developed by Aaron Kemmer

The complex not only helps to increase the penis in centimeters and diameter, but also strengthens the health of blood vessels, pumps the muscles of the pelvis, and normalizes the functioning of the genitourinary system:

  1. Compressions. Alternately slowly - quickly compress and decompress the phallus, which improves blood circulation and increases the parameters of the organ.
  2. Stretching. Gradually stretch the penis, daily increasing the load. Organ tissues are elastic, so they can be easily stretched.

The systematic implementation of this complex allows you to increase the penis up to 5 cm.


Helps increase blood flow and even out curvature. The penis is taken with two hands. One is firmly held at the base, and the second is bent with effort to the phallus in different directions.

penis flexion for enlargement

Arabic technique or jelqing

These exercises for stretching the penis are considered the most effective. The complex enhances blood flow to the tissues. To achieve noticeable results, it will take many months of training. There are two types of jelqing:

  1. Dry.
  2. Wet.

It is recommended to start with a wet method. For a real lengthening of the penis, an erection should be controlled: the penis should be in a semi-erect state. This is an important condition: if there is no erection, then there will be no effect, and if it is strong, you can get bruises and injuries.


Lubricant is not used. The penis is clasped with the palm of the hand, not the fingers. Friction should be gentle to avoid tearing the delicate fibers. This method is resorted to only after the man gets used to the exercises in the wet way. Classes are held regularly, without allowing long breaks. At the first stage, 200 stretches are performed, dividing the session into morning and evening. At the same time, it is not necessary to squeeze the phallus much, as well as to exceed the maximum number of extensions. From the second week, 300 repetitions are performed, maintaining the same level of compression intensity. In the third week, the approaches last for 20 minutes. The penis is compressed with great pressure, and the man determines the speed of movements himself.


They are engaged in this method using lubricant or special gels. Under the influence of their active components, the blood supply to the penis will increase. After applying the product, you must:

  • grab the penis with your fingers at the base and squeeze tightly;
  • start stretching to the head;
  • move the ring of fingers up without loosening the grip;
  • movements should be rhythmic, not abrupt;
  • if the hand is tired, you can change it, but without stopping.

To prevent erotic arousal, the head should not be touched.


It helps to increase the thickness of the reproductive organ due to the delay in blood flow in it. This technique was recognized as extreme, since any non-compliance with the rules is fraught with serious health problems, including the development of impotence. For carrying out, a special cable clamp is required, which is called CC. The device has a latch mechanism and is considered safe, as it can be easily removed at any time. Fix the structure with an elastic bandage and a cord:

  • the penis is wrapped with a bandage without touching the head;
  • the clamp is put on the base and snapped into place;
  • a strong erection should not be allowed so as not to injure the vessels;
  • training is carried out 4 times a week;
  • they start from 1 minute, and only after 1-2 months they switch to 15-minute approaches;
  • one approach should not last longer than 15 minutes, as this is extremely dangerous even for experienced practitioners.

According to numerous reviews of men, an increase in the girth of the penis reaches 1. 5-2 cm after six months of regular exercise.

Power Pulls

Such exercises for a member are performed while sitting. Before training, the reproductive organ is warmed up and lubricated with a gel. Hold by the head, stretch in front of you as much as possible and linger for 3-5 seconds. In this case, pain and discomfort should not be felt. After, without weakening the grip, they direct the phallus to the right, linger and turn to the left. With this exercise, the cavernous bodies are gradually stretched, which contributes to the visual lengthening of the intimate organ. Manipulations are carried out at home when the man is relaxed.

Do 5-10 stretches in each direction. As an option: without changing the tension force, drive a member in a circle ("helicopter"). For one approach, 20 circles are done. Just 2-3 sets per day.

You can also use an extender to stretch. It is a device similar to the Ilizarov apparatus. The penis is placed between two parallel holders, the head of the penis is fixed with a loop or a vacuum nozzle. The tension is adjusted by decreasing or increasing the length of the axles. Depending on the degree of comfort, the traction procedure takes from 1. 5 to 4 hours a day. Some men wear it throughout the day, and not just at home. Be sure to read the instructions before use.


The exercise may seem unusual, but it is highly effective. It is carried out with a weak erection. Member pull to the buttocks and sit on it. Internal pressure on the cavernous bodies increases, which allows you to increase the size of the body, both in length and in thickness.


When performing this complex, the member should be sluggish and soft. The technique is extremely difficult, so it will take some time to master it masterfully:

  • grab the head with a ring of fingers and pull it away from you for 3-5 seconds;
  • at the same time, the base of the penis is squeezed with the thumb and carried out with pressure towards the head;
  • when pain occurs due to a tight grip, the head is compressed, which contributes to the outflow of blood from it.

Stretching with loads

The exercise is not effective and safe, but among men it is considered popular. A suspended load pulls the skin tissue, not the muscles of the perineum, and there is also a high probability of rupture of blood vessels. A slight increase in size occurs due to a decrease in the thickness of the reproductive organ. You can avoid injury if you thoroughly study the execution technique:

  • the foreskin is carefully pulled back, and the shaft of the penis is wrapped with an elastic bandage;
  • the cord with the load is attached (with a hook) to the bandage, while it should be on the floor;
  • take the load in hand and slowly straighten up;
  • release the weight very carefully, controlling sensations;
  • start with one minute, gradually extending the session to 10 minutes.

After the exercise to increase the length of the penis, it is necessary to do a relaxing massage. When choosing this technique, you should consider some points:

  • the load at first should weigh no more than 200 g. Then the mass is increased to 3 kg;
  • do not hang a load on an erect penis;
  • if the skin begins to darken, the manipulation is urgently stopped;
  • no need to move during execution.

Improvement of blood circulation

With poor blood circulation, male dignity cannot be increased. To improve blood flow, you need to perform the following exercises:

  • achieve maximum erection;
  • grab the base of the penis with one hand, and the head with the other;
  • carry out circular movements as when wringing out laundry;
  • the procedure is carried out for 5 minutes every other day.

If pain occurs, the training is stopped.

Wearing an erection ring

Such devices are worn when the penis is at rest. It is advisable to purchase models equipped with an adjustable clasp. When using erection rings, the tissues of the penis are gradually stretched without the use of extreme loads. Blacko's ring has earned particular popularity among men. Its effectiveness in solving the problem of small parameters of the reproductive organ has been clinically proven.


The technique is aimed at the growth of the penis in diameter. Its essence lies in the systematic pushing of the spongy bodies of the urethra. Before manipulation, the penis is brought to a weak erection. The thumb is placed at the base, the rest is pressed into the recess located at the scrotum, where the connections of the cavernous bodies are located. With a half-grip with pressure, they move to the head, and moving back, they relax. Repeat 10-15 times. Important! The next day after such a procedure, the penis may swell. In this case, classes are stopped for 1-2 days.

Massage that stimulates blood flow

Any massage activates the skin and enhances the blood supply to the penis. To get a strong pumped-up member, you need to practice daily for 3 months. Massage is carried out as follows:

  • bring the penis to full erection;
  • apply lubricant;
  • hand slide from the base to the head, without affecting it.

Erections should be controlled so that ejaculation does not occur. For 3 months of such sessions, the penis will noticeably lengthen.

What to do after training to increase efficiency?

It is very easy to learn how to pump up a penis and do it at home. It is important not to lose shape in the future. To do this, it is recommended to use special products, for example, an extender. It works on stretching fabrics. Due to prolonged exposure, cell regeneration is enhanced and the volume of the organ is increased. In this case, the functionality of the tissues does not change. Growth is happening in all directions. To additionally load the muscles of the penis and make them grow, you should hang small weights on the erect phallus, and also follow some rules:

  • Do sport. Physical activity has a beneficial effect on the activity of all organs and systems.
  • Give up bad habits.
  • Eat right, eliminating harmful foods from the diet.
  • Take vitamins and dietary supplements that contribute to the normal growth of the penis.
  • Monitor the condition of the genitourinary system, avoiding hypothermia and overheating.

Frequency of exercise for maximum results

Pumping a member is a laborious task that requires time and regularity. To achieve the desired length and thickness, you need to use different techniques, alternate them, training several times a day. At the same time, the man will see the first results only in a month.

Possible side effects

If a man does not properly perform exercises to increase the penis, he may encounter the following problems:

  • darkening of the skin of the penis;
  • protrusion of veins and vessels;
  • the occurrence of small redness as a result of rupture of capillaries (often occurs due to insufficient warming up of the organ before starting training);
  • the presence of black dots on the skin due to a lack of lubricants;
  • swelling, edema of the foreskin associated with stagnation of lymphatic fluid;
  • decrease in the tone and size of the penis.

All unpleasant symptoms disappear after a 2-3 day break. Special care should be taken when wearing rings, in which, due to excessive compression, blood vessels are damaged and necrosis develops. And you also need to protect the dorsal nerve passing in front of the head. Therefore, it is impossible to press vigorously on this place.

Reviews of doctors and men

  1. At the age of 18, I asked myself how to quickly pump up the muscles of the penis and came to the conclusion that the most effective method is dry jelqing. At first I did wet, then I got used to dry and began to alternate. I used to train every day several times a day. Now I have achieved what I wanted and I train once a week so as not to lose shape.
  2. I used a vacuum pump, hung weights on a cord, smeared myself with various penis-enlarging gels, but nothing helped for a long time. Then he began to massage every day for several minutes for six months. Now I want to go for an operation in which subcutaneous adipose tissue is transferred. This option suits me the most.
  3. Gymnastics for the penis allows men to achieve an increase of 2. 5 cm in a few months. As soon as classes stop, the result is partially or completely lost. The rate of loss of achieved millimeters depends on the characteristics of the body, the structure of the reproductive organ, the frequency and strength of the erection. Andrologist.
  4. Penis enlargement with various methods and exercises is a real opportunity to increase the length and volume. However, the results are different for every man. Some find it difficult to stretch the albuginea, making it difficult to increase girth, while others have difficulty with vessels and blood supply. Performing classes, you need to monitor the condition of the penis: the presence of a morning erection, the color of the skin, sensitivity during coitus. In case of deviation from normal indicators, it is necessary to reconsider the tactics of training. Urologist.


A man who is constantly engaged in penis enlargement training will definitely achieve the desired result. The reproductive organ will become larger by a couple of centimeters. When choosing a suitable technique, it is worth considering the opinion of a urologist, who will help you choose a suitable and safe set of exercises.