How to quickly, correctly and effectively enlarge a penis?

Most men are not satisfied with the quality of their sex life, so they are looking for the answer to the question "how to quickly and effectively enlarge a penis? ". While pharmacists, plastic surgeons, and physical therapists offer a wide variety of treatments, not all are considered completely safe and effective. Unfortunately, not every man can ask the question "how to quickly enlarge the penis" to his doctor, so information is usually searched on the Internet. It is important to be able to distinguish for yourself: which penis enlargement technique is really effective, and which is designed to maximize sales of dubious pills and devices. At best, the fake penis enlargement technique will not affect the penis in any way, and at worst, it will disrupt erectile function. That is why, before trying the advertised effective penis enlargement, you should consult a therapist or at least read real reviews on the Internet.

How to effectively enlarge a penis without spending a lot of time?

operational penis enlargement

If you want to carry out penis enlargement quickly and really effectively, then you need to turn to the services of a professional cosmetologist or a practicing surgeon. The effect can be seen immediately after the procedure is completed.

However, it is worth considering that the results may not be so rosy. Since the penis can be quickly enlarged either with the help of filler injections or by excision of the supporting ligaments, the result may be temporary (in the first case), or not so striking (only 2-3 centimeters in the second case).

However, plastic surgery is one of the few techniques allowed by official medicine. In rare cases, after the operation, there may be a weakening of the erection.

But even the most effective penis enlargement performed at home has many more side effects.

How to enlarge the penis with exercise?

the structure of the penis and how to increase it

Physical exercise is the most inexpensive, but quite effective method of changing the size of the penis. Quick results can not be expected, but if you perform the exercises on a daily basis, not forgetting the correct technique, then after 8-9 months the penis will really change in volume. It is believed that the most effective penis enlargement is jelqing. The technique has been tested by men from different countries for several hundred years. Exercises can be performed with lubrication or dry. However, for those men who do not yet know how to quickly enlarge the penis, you should not refuse to use oil.

To begin with, it is enough to master the two basic techniques of penis exercises.

  1. jelqing. This technique works by intensifying blood flow to the penis. Since the penis is made up of soft spongy tissues, blood flow actively stretches them. Regular exercise will help expand the cavernous bodies. Thus, during a natural erection, a man will be able to notice that the total volume of the penis has increased.
  2. Stretching. Proper penis enlargement, according to doctors, should be carried out with the help of extenders. A special device is used even by professional surgeons after excision of the supporting ligaments. To achieve real results, it is important to use only official certified devices. But if there is no financial opportunity to purchase an extender, then you can simply stretch the penis by hand. To do this, you need to grab the head area with your right palm, and the base of the trunk with your left. Very gently stretch the tissue of the organ in different directions. You should not make all your efforts, because there is a risk of stretch marks and even bruising.

How to increase the member with the help of special nutrition?

Of course, in itself, the use of the following products, even in very large quantities, will not add centimeters to either the length or thickness of the penis. However, to improve the results from the use of an extender or jelqing, you can add to the diet:

  1. Bananas. These sweet fruits enhance the natural nourishment of the penis. The sexual organ receives more oxygen and nutrients along with blood flow. Bananas are also the largest source of potassium. Potassium is useful not only for the sexual, but also for the cardiovascular system. 2-3 bananas a day will significantly improve potency and literally "pump" the cavernous bodies with oxygen.
  2. Oysters. Shellfish are not only a natural aphrodisiac, but also a natural testosterone booster. Fresh oysters promote active blood flow to the penis, and also saturate the male body with zinc and vitamin B6.
  3. Red fish, shrimp. Fatty acids contained in seafood also activate blood flow to the penis. If a man adheres to a "fish" diet for a long time, then after a while he will notice a slight increase in the volume of the penis.