Creams and gels for penis enlargement

Gels for penis enlargement are modern means that act as an alternative to surgical intervention. The drugs are based on active ingredients that increase blood flow to the genitals.

This action increases the size of the penis, without the additional impact of mechanical devices. The pharmacological market offers a lot of universal gels.

Advantages of gels over other means

Gels for penis enlargement have no contraindications and do not cause negative reactions from the body. Most men prefer universal creams as an alternative to surgery, because surgery is a complex process. Interference with the natural mechanism is fraught with consequences in the future.

Creams for penis enlargement are characterized by a number of advantages:

  • no contraindications. The agent is applied topically, on the organ, without additional oral administration and the use of oral medications. Suitable for every man (except for cases with a high susceptibility of the body);
  • availability. You can buy the cream without a prescription and without consulting a doctor. It is enough to visit the nearest pharmacy and make a choice on the spot. You can read reviews and get acquainted with popular products on the Internet without leaving your own home. The order will come to the post office;
  • penis enlargement gel
  • compatibility with other drugs. Gels for penis enlargement interact well with other methods, which provides a quick and lasting result;
  • use without special knowledge. Preparation and extra time costs are absent. Detailed information is provided in the instructions;
  • complex action and cumulative result. Male gels increase sexual desire, eliminate erectile dysfunction and increase the sensitivity of the penis;
  • acceptable pricing policy.

Modern pharmacological development has become a real breakthrough in the field of the sexual industry. Means painlessly increase the size of the penis, increasing the self-esteem of men, instilling self-confidence.

The mechanism of action on the penis

The mechanism of action of ointments is based on blood flow to the pelvic organs. The result is achieved due to the active components included in the composition. Applying the product with massage movements promotes the penetration of substances to the penis.

This action improves blood circulation, the enhancement of the effect is due to the extract of plants that act on the cells of the tricky body of the organ.

The mechanism of action in each drug for penis enlargement works according to the same principle - accelerating the production of testosterone and increasing its concentration in the blood. Additionally, protein mass (amino acids and proteins) is synthesized. Both processes enhance the positive effect and contribute to the rapid burning of fat mass in the abdomen.

penis enlargement cream

It is noteworthy that the drugs really work. They are registered in the international system of medicines as biological additives. Some men note the lack of effect. In most cases, this is due to psychological factors. A guy who is not satisfied with his own sex life thinks that the gel is a miraculous panacea. Actually it is not. Means help to increase the size, but not dramatically, and increase sensitivity. In the presence of serious problems of a sexual nature, no drug will help, in this case, a doctor's consultation is necessary.

All gels and ointments are divided into three subgroups, the criterion for the difference between which is the principle of action:

  • short-term. The effect lasts for 2 hours, it is necessary to apply the gel immediately before sexual intercourse;
  • long term. Thickening of the penis and increased sensitivity persist for a long time;
  • auxiliary. The gel acts as an additional agent that stimulates blood flow to the genitals.

Important: regardless of the type of product, a significant increase in size is not observed. Gels are designed to thicken the organ and increase its sensitivity for the period of sexual intercourse, providing maximum blood flow.

Popular remedies

The effectiveness of drugs has been proven by numerous studies. There are a number of popular drugs on the pharmacological market.

Each remedy has indications, contraindications and adverse reactions. Efficiency depends on the constituent components.

How to use

It is necessary to use the drug correctly, this helps to enhance the action and maintain a long-term effect. You need to use the remedy for a month, daily (in the case of regular sexual activity). Basic rules of use:

  • a small amount of gel is applied to the excited organ;
  • the thumb and forefinger of the hand are wrapped around the organ;
  • the hand is held along the penis, with light squeezing movements;
  • gel is not applied to the head;
  • squeezing movements are repeated for 15 minutes.

The organ will begin to gradually increase, which will be visually noticeable. Sexual intercourse is possible 30 minutes after application.

Are there side effects

The tool is able to act in different ways, this is due to the active components included in the composition and the susceptibility of the male body. The development of adverse reactions is not excluded. Negative symptoms from the body are associated with individual intolerance to the main components of the drug.

allergy to penis enlargement gel

The main side reactions include:

  • rashes on the genitals;
  • irritation;
  • itching and burning;
  • redness;
  • puffiness;
  • soreness.

Negative reactions are possible if the body of a man is exposed to allergies. Before full use, it is advisable to apply a small amount of cream on the skin area in the elbow area. In the absence of a rash, a full-fledged application on the genitals is possible.

The use of adapted gels and ointments give a temporary effect. The organ will not acquire an impressive size. The funds are designed to improve sensations and slightly increase the penis during intercourse.