How to increase a member in volume. Only real and effective ways

Almost every man wondered if the parameters of his penis were ideal in terms of volume. Many of them would like to correct the cherished centimeters, especially since in most cases there are no obstacles for this. Moreover, the procedure for acquiring additional width can be carried out at home.

There are various options among thickening and lengthening methods. Which one is right for you, consider all the pros and cons of each method.

When an increase is needed

To increase the penis in volume is not worth it in a fit of rash desire. In most cases, this procedure is performed according to certain indications.

Reason number 1 - unsatisfactory diameter. The "thinness" of manhood is for some men a reason to forget about quality sex and a real orgasm.

Reason number 2 - psycho-emotional trauma, a stressful state of a person, caused by the original sexual constitution. With this scenario, not only the sexual side of life, but also health in general, may be at risk.

Both points are considered by experts as direct indications for penis enlargement.

With the operational solution of the problem in the thickening procedure in a medical institution, a refusal is possible. This happens if, during a conversation between a psychologist and a patient, a specialist recognizes a negative attitude towards his own body or a general pessimistic attitude. It becomes known in advance that any outcome simply will not please the customer. This is the reason why doctors refuse to work. A psychological interview always precedes an analysis of the inevitability of surgical intervention.

Increase penis diameter: proven methods

woman surprised by guy's enlarged dick

To date, the following methods and techniques of thickening are practiced in medicine:

  • Creams that necessarily have a natural composition on a par with other forms of preparations. The substance is transparent, but more often has a thick consistency;
  • Ointments - differ from creams in a more oily structure, but are similar in color. This category of funds has side lines of work;
  • Gels are more often released transparent, sometimes cloudy, not having a bright aroma or smelling of a specific plant substance;
  • Sprays are gaseous substances without color and odor;
  • Exercise is known as the easiest physical way. For its implementation, a minimum of adaptations and efforts is required;
  • Pumps are popular because of their affordability. Free for sale through pharmacy chains, adult stores;
  • Nozzles can be found in the same places as the previous devices. They are separated from pumps by the difference in the short duration of the reproducible effect. The device is more rational to use for thickening and lengthening the penis before coitus;
  • The operation is a peremptory method in terms of effectiveness, but accompanied by financial investments and the need for psychological preparedness of the client.

The cost-effectiveness of each of the methods is justified depending on the situation.

The essence of the methods and their strengths

Creams, gels and ointments

Thickening of the penis with creams, ointments, gels, sprays and tablets refers to a single type of application - local, superficial. They are divided into three branches:

  • Short-term (the action is observed only before sexual intercourse and a few minutes after, application - before intimacy);
  • Long-term (acquired indicators are stored for up to 30 days, but for this you need to comply with the condition of using the whole course);
  • Auxiliary (work on the task of increasing the power of exercises, from the use of pumps, massages and are carried out only in combination with the above methods).

All three groups have the same type of action - the expansion of the cavernous bodies of the penis due to the influx of additional blood to them. The useful surface area of manhood automatically increases.

The undoubted advantage of applying substances to the skin lies in the local action, which reduces the time of use and due to the record-breaking absorption. As a rule, it makes no sense to rub these funds - they are perceived by the skin easily and without a trace. The laundry stays clean.

You can see the comparative characteristics of the presented generics here.

A set of exercises

The exercises are not as monotonous as it seems before getting to know them. They are suitable for all categories of men without exception on any grounds.

The jelqing technique, which looks like milking, has become common. The initial step will be to obtain a semi-erect state of the penis, with which manipulations are performed: grasping the organ near the pubic bone with the fingers on the principle of a ring and further movement along the base with a slight retraction of the surface.

jelqing for penis enlargement

Movements to the head of the penis are necessarily slow, accurate, with a gradual increase in pressure. In the final, there is a change of hands. From 10 to 15 minutes on average is spent on one session.

The instructors know another five-minute exercise. With it, a visible thickening of significant parts of the phallus is achieved. As in the previous example, the man grabs the penis at the base. To do this, you need a thumb and forefinger in the form of a ring. Already near the head, the hand should stop and begin swinging movements in different directions alternately. The action again requires care and caution from the performer in order to avoid microtrauma.

A huge plus of the exercise technique is free of charge and in the external simplicity of execution. This will not require somehow changing a person’s plans for the whole day.


using a penis pump

The question of whether the pump helps to increase the penis is actively discussed on the forums. The opinions of men claim that such a device acts slowly and is suitable only for the treatment of impotence, is this true? Everything is a bit wrong, the pump really enlarges the penis, but not for long and not by much, the result will have to wait a long time.

Pumps do not require extra effort during installation. The device is placed on top, pressed down (so as not to move), a special pear creates a reduced pressure in the flask. A pressure gauge is attached to the side, transmitting critical indicators, which will give the man a signal to stop. Upon reaching the required indicator of atmospheres, the compression of the pear is completed.

You can use the pump every day, but you need to set the duration of the procedure and increase it gradually.

The secret of the popularity of this option is the availability and lack of special recommendations for use.


It is considered a good alternative in the urgent acquisition of volume without problems. Nozzles are optimally suited for sexual intercourse, cause a woman to experience internal sensations from the increased volume of the penis, raise intimacy to a different quality level.

penis attachment for enlargement

On the market of goods for adults, there are a huge number of combinations in color, material, method of execution of nozzles that meet the most sophisticated taste of a lady. There are thickening or lengthening devices. Before trial use, it is useful to learn the features of their application.


operational penis enlargement

The operation is the ultimate option for a desperate man. It is considered reliable, as it is recognized as a completely cardinal method.

But in this area there are different versions:

  • Muscle tissue can be transplanted by sampling from the armpit, abs, etc. ;
  • Lipofilling is done by transferring the patient's fat layer from the donor zone of his own body directly under the skin of the desired organ;
  • gel implants. The principle of their preference by surgeons fits into three words: effective, hypoallergenic, effective.

The operation is chosen by those who do not want to waste time using all the methods described above, but want a 100% result.

How to make a choice

There are a lot of penis thickening methods in the modern world, you have every right to choose the one that suits you only. What may limit preference: individual characteristics of the organism, chronic diseases, monetary component.

Since the choice is not easy, spend extra time thinking about the advantages of one way or another, but rather get advice from an andrologist.