How to enlarge your penis at home

how to increase the size of the penis

At the present time, representatives of the stronger sex care about their own appearance no less than women. Men try to carefully monitor the condition of clothes and shoes, to maintain excellent physical shape. But if you can work on the wardrobe and figure, then the size of the penis is bestowed by nature and not everyone is satisfied. The problem of the length and diameter of the penis is always relevant. If earlier men could not fix anything, now there are a number of different methods of penis enlargement. Moreover, positive changes can be achieved even at home.

Penis enlargement with exercise

The simplest and most affordable option for solving such a delicate problem is to perform a whole range of special exercises that help to stretch the organ, normalize blood circulation and even increase erection. It is very important to learn how to perform all techniques correctly, as carelessness can lead to injury or loss of sensitivity.

To begin the first exercise, sit in a chair and relax. Then you need to firmly squeeze the penis with your fingers under the head, but in such a way as not to harm the blood circulation process. Gradually, you should pull the penis away from you as much as possible. When the maximum stretch is reached, then you need to linger in this position for four minutes.

After that, you can rest a little and repeat the exercise three more times. It is recommended to stretch the penis both upward and in different directions. The first results will be noticeable after a couple of weeks, subject to regular exercise.

It is equally important to periodically perform an exercise that normalizes blood circulation in the small pelvis and directly in the penis itself. It is necessary in a sitting position to make circular movements with the thumb on the surface of the penis. You should start from the very base and gradually move towards the head. It is recommended to massage the penis in this way for three minutes.

Milking is another popular exercise among the stronger sex. To do it, you need to apply a special lubricant to the surface of the penis, and then squeeze it with two fingers at the base. After that, you need to smoothly move the hand along the entire length, gradually approaching the head. At the extreme point, you should linger for about twenty seconds. It is recommended to start classes with thirty repetitions and increase this number each time.

The last exercise should also be done while sitting. You will first need to achieve a forty percent erection through masturbation. Then you need to gently pull the penis towards the buttocks and sit on it. In such conditions, the pressure in the penis increases significantly, which helps not only to increase its length, but also its diameter.

How else can a member of the house be enlarged?

There are various devices on sale that promise to increase the size of the penis in just a few applications. Of course, the reality is different. In a short period of time, it will be possible to obtain only a temporary result, and a long-term effect is achieved in a few months.

The easiest device to use is a vacuum pump. Its action is aimed at improving erection, but with regular procedures, you can achieve an increase in the length of the penis. First, you need to treat the penis with a gel or lubricant, and only then place it into the device.

After that, with the help of a special pear, air is pumped out of the flask, which leads to an increase in pressure. In such conditions, blood flow increases, and the genital organ literally grows before our eyes. But the effect disappears after a few hours, so it is advisable to carry out the procedure half an hour before sexual intimacy.

You can also use an extender. This device is designed to stretch the penis and correct flaws such as curvature. The penis is placed in the device, after which the head is securely fixed with a silicone tube. It is necessary to gradually adjust the length of the device so that the organ is constantly in a stretched position. It is necessary to wear an extender only after a medical consultation, since, not knowing the peculiarities of using the device, you can harm your own body.

At the present time, special creams and gels are actively advertised to increase the male genital organ. But their disadvantage is the fragility of the effect, so all the manufacturer's promises of reliable results are a complete lie. These funds act by increasing blood flow to the organ. It makes sense to use these drugs about fifteen minutes before intercourse.