How much does penis enlargement surgery cost - price for different types

Penis enlargement is a demanded and popular operation. How much does penis enlargement surgery cost - many men are interested. Modern plastic surgery is capable of miracles, but it is not cheap at all.

The cost of surgery depends on the method used. There are several types of operations to increase the phallus. To choose the most suitable option, you need to see a doctor.


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Surgical enlargement of the male genital organ consists of excision of the ligaments that hold the penis in the perineum. The doctor brings the ligaments out. This method is called ligamentotomy. In an unexcited state, the intervention of the surgeon is quite noticeable. However, this does not at all prevent sexual partners from receiving pleasure in intimate pleasures.

Benefits of the operation:

  • performed without anesthesia;
  • slightly painful;
  • does not cause discomfort and complications.

The operation is not difficult and takes about an hour. The muscular ligament of the penis fixes the inside of the organ. The penis after surgery does not undergo any deformations, remains in place and does not lose its own functions.

Ligament excision is performed in the pubic area. It is also possible to carry out surgery in the scrotum area. The manipulation is performed along the median seam and leaves no visible scar. A small incision heals quickly, leaving no visible traces of it.

The rehabilitation period is three weeks. During this time, the suture heals completely, and the blood supply to the organ is restored. After the operation, you need to wear an extender for some time. This measure is the second step in correcting the length of the phallus.

The operation is meaningless without the use of this device. The intervention is divided into two stages - excision of the ligamentous apparatus and wearing an extender to extend the organ.

The operation allows you to enlarge the penis by 3-4 cm.


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The size of the penis will become larger if you use the lipofilling procedure. The method consists in the fact that the enlargement of the penis is carried out at the expense of adipose tissue near the organ. Not every clinic undertakes such an intervention. The surgeon moves fat cells into the cavity of the male genital organ.

Benefits of the operation:

  • allows you to make a member thicker;
  • slightly painful;
  • fast recovery.

Lipofilling is preferred by many men. Fat cells are taken from the area where there is an excess of them. The auto fat is drawn into a special syringe and then injected into the penis cavity. Penis surgery is minimally invasive and safe.

The member seems to be filled with fat, which makes it longer and thicker. Fat transfer is performed along the entire trunk of the organ. This allows you to achieve the desired size of the phallus.

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Contraindications to surgery are:

  • diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • mental disorders;
  • vascular atherosclerosis;
  • diabetes;
  • purulent skin lesions.

The disadvantage of the operation is that after a while the fatty tissue can be absorbed. If a man loses weight, then the phallus will become smaller. In this case, you can re-resort to surgical help.

The operation allows you to enlarge the penis by 1 cm. Such a slight lengthening of the phallus is not to the liking of many men. However, the width of the phallus becomes much thicker. The price for such manipulation is different.

Muscle transplant

This method belongs to microsurgery. The length of the penis after the application of the surgical intervention increases by 4 cm. Before the operation, it is necessary to pass standard blood and urine tests, as well as to undergo an examination by a urologist. It is also important to perform a study on genital infections and HIV, to consult with an anesthesiologist. It is important to identify the degree of safety of this operation for yourself.

Surgery involves the transplantation of abdominal muscle tissue into the penis. The operation is quite complex and is performed under general anesthesia. The surgery takes about 3 hours. Having decided on a similar method, you need to find an excellent specialist.

rehabilitation after penis enlargement surgery

There are contraindications to this type of operation. Surgical intervention should not be performed if there is:

  • hypertension;
  • mental disorder;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • diabetes.

The advantages of this method boil down to the fact that after such a radical operation, the length of the penis will always remain unchanged.

The cost of muscle microsurgery varies from clinic to clinic. The average cost per operation is quite impressive.

Phallus prosthetics

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In some cases, the installation of an artificial prosthesis is unavoidable. The unnatural part of the penis is no different from other organ structures. Often women do not notice the prosthesis, because the man continues to give them pleasure in bed. The operation is indicated for those who suffer from insufficient potency and are not satisfied with the size of the penis.

The prosthesis allows you to get rid of impotence. Its design is modern and refined. The product is implanted into the corpora cavernosa of the phallus. The prosthesis has two cylinders. A special pump is inserted into the scrotum, with the help of which the prosthesis can be controlled.

In the rehabilitation period, you should refrain from sexual intercourse for about two months. Falloprosthetics is used mainly when there is erectile dysfunction. But the prosthesis also allows you to enlarge the penis in size. That is why one of the indications for this method is the underdevelopment of the penis.

The choice of an implant should be done competently and in conjunction with a doctor. As for the price for the operation, it includes the cost of the prosthesis plus its installation.

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Having decided to use a surgical method of penis enlargement, you should choose a good clinic. To avoid complications and undesirable consequences, the surgical intervention should be carried out by a qualified specialist.

Whichever method of enlarging the penis is chosen, careful preparation for medical intervention will be required. The operations are performed on an empty stomach, after the necessary research has been carried out. Only a doctor will be able to correctly determine which method of organ plastics to give preference to.

The duration of the rehabilitation period depends on the surgical method and the characteristics of the male body. Basically, recovery lasts 2-3 weeks, after which the man begins to lead a normal life. In the recovery period, it is important to saturate your diet with proteins, vitamins and minerals. A healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition will allow you to quickly return to normal after phallus surgery.