Penis thickness - what is the norm and what depends on and how to measure the thickness of the penis

The size of the genitals of men worries them more than women. After watching pornographic videos and magazines, a person begins to experience complexes, even if his organ is a couple of centimeters smaller than his imaginary standard. This not only undermines mental health, but also creates insecurity in the process of sexual intercourse.

Because of this, many men and teenagers strive to enlarge their penis. It concerns the length and width. Most often, it is the length that is a burning topic, because people have an opinion in their heads that only the length of the organ gives a woman maximum pleasure.

Today we will tell you how the thickness of the penis affects sexual intercourse, how to measure the thickness of the penis, and how it can be increased to ideal.

Why a wide penis is important

The thickness of the penis and its diameter is one of the most important criteria when choosing a sexual partner. Not everyone knows, but it is precisely the thickness that has a much more intense effect and pressure on the walls of a woman's vagina, as a result of which a bright, rich and unique orgasm is achieved. In addition to the walls of the vagina, the thick phallus stimulates the legs of the clitoris, and sometimes the clitoris itself.

According to research by sexologists, most men worry about the length of the penis, while the width gets less and less attention. A person wants to achieve the size of his standard, which he saw in a photo or in a pornographic film, in length, but forgets about the diameter, which plays a much more important role.

Polls of women and the biology of the process indicate that it is the wide phallus that can affect most of the nerve endings of the vagina and bring unforgettable pleasure. It doesn't even matter how long it is. The main thing is that the phallus fits into the framework average for this indicator.

Average parameters of the genital organs of men

finger ring for penis thickening exercises

Today, according to statistics, the average length of the genital phallus ranges from 13 to 15 centimeters, and the normal width is from 3 to 6 centimeters. This data is not accurate and does not reflect any negative aspects of members that are less than listed. So, a member of 12 and even 10 centimeters will be considered an average without any deviations. The pathology is considered to be a penis that is less than 7. 5 centimeters long when erect and 4 centimeters long when at rest. If the organ is more than these parameters, then you should not worry.

Many people ask the question, what is the optimal thickness of the penis and is able to satisfy most women. The answer has already been given before, but as for the minimum values from which you need to panic and take extreme measures, then they are not. The width of the phallus is practically independent of its length and can be completely different within reasonable limits. It is unlikely that someone will have it less than a centimeter, since this is simply not enough for the urethra and its walls, which are overgrown with spongy bodies.

Before deciding on surgical interventions, buying nozzles or pumps and thinking about increasing the thickness of the phallus, you should think about whether this procedure is needed at all. Men stubbornly think that the parameters of the penis are all that worries their future chosen ones. This is fundamentally wrong. Large size can not only not give a woman pleasure, but scare her away. According to the reviews of owners of serious dimensions, it becomes clear that most girls do not agree to a second sexual intercourse and abandon them.

How to measure the width of the penis

penis thickness measurement

Also, before thinking about increasing the thickness of the penis, you should correctly know its thickness. The following instruction provides the best way to do this at home. It is noteworthy that no special knowledge and skills are required.

The thickness of the phallus can change during the day and depends on many factors: physical and psycho-emotional state, temperature in the house, degree of arousal. The latter factor also depends on the object of arousal, fatigue, environment and its comfort. To get an accurate result, you need to change the phallus several times a day.

The easiest way to find out the width of the penis is:

  • take a thread;
  • measure the circumference of the organ;
  • fix the results;
  • divide the number by 3. 14 (pi).

Thus, the diameter of the penis, that is, its thickness, will be obtained. It should be carried out only while standing and only in a state of maximum excitement. Otherwise, the result may be incorrect. To highlight the average thickness, it is recommended to measure the penis immediately from three positions at once: at the base, in the middle and under the head.

The numbers are added and divided by three to get the average. Arousal is also very important, since taking measurements on a flaccid phallus can greatly distort the result due to its ability to stretch and wrinkle.

How to increase the thickness of the penis

a woman measures the thickness of a man's penis

If, nevertheless, a person is determined and actively looking for a way to increase the thickness of the penis, then several ways can be proposed, each of which is radically different.

The first method is clearly not suitable for everyone, since it is based on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and using natural drugs to increase. Before going to the surgeon, you should try a less radical method - traditional medicine. Taking herbs, moods and herbal remedies on a regular basis will help not only improve health and cardiovascular system, but also increase the size of the penis within reasonable limits.

Of course, it is impossible to achieve beyond the results and it is unlikely that it will be possible to "build up" even a couple of centimeters in width, but the effect will be unambiguous. Firstly, a healthy lifestyle increases the level of sex hormones, as a result of which the riser lasts longer and the phallus becomes more bloodshot. Secondly, it keeps men's health for many years. These include ginseng, tribulus, ginger, wormwood, and aloe.

Other methods of increasing the size

an increase in the thickness of the penis on the fingers

The second method is tied to the use of various devices and techniques. The most effective ones are:

  • Kegel exercises. . . They prevent male diseases and significantly improve the quality of sexual life. The technique consists in tensioning the pubococcygeal muscle for three seconds and gradually relaxing it. Total repetitions in the exercise 20.
  • Massage.It is performed in warm water or under a shower. The member is grasped at the base and slowly held with his hands to the head, pulled back and made turns in different directions.
  • Extender. . . It involves the use of a device that is attached to the penis and stretches it in length. Using it every day, you can achieve significant gains not only in length, but also in width.
  • Vacuum pump. . . The best thing for quick results. It is a transparent bulb that is worn over the phallus and evacuates air, creating a vacuum. The penis begins to swell due to blood flow. As a result of such exercises, the amount of fibrous tissue increases and, as a result, the volume of the organ. The most noticeable effect lasts for several minutes, until the blood has time to leave.
  • Fast acting medicines.More suitable for those who want to get a long boner, but at the same time they increase the thickness of the penis due to the large amount of blood coming in.
  • Gels and ointments.They do everything the same as pills or injections, but they work for a long time, improving blood circulation and nourishing the tissues of the penis with useful substances for its full growth and development.

The final method is based on visiting a surgeon. This is an effective method of increasing the diameter and length. It consists of various procedures with the phallus, which can be divided into: falloprosthetics, ligamentotomy, lipofilling and injection of hyaluronic acid.

Prosthetics is the most difficult and extreme method, which consists in cutting the spongy bodies and installing a prosthesis. Ligamentotomy is performed in a similar manner, but the enlargement occurs gradually by cutting the ligament. The third and fourth procedures involve pumping adipose tissue from the thighs or abdomen into the penis in the first case and hyaluronic acid in the second. In the latter case, the increase is not constant and you will have to undergo the procedure once a year.


It was discussed how to increase the thickness of the penis. It is worth saying that it is not in all cases that it is pressed to resort to any surgical interventions or the use of special pumps. The thickness is almost always within the normal range.