How to enlarge your penis with massage

how to do massage for penis enlargement

Massage (manual exercises) is the only working and relatively safe way to increase the size of the penis, available to all men at home. However, it is suitable only for those who have perseverance, patience and are ready for months (or even years) to take steps every day towards the intended goal. There is no upper threshold for starting classes, but there is a lower one - 18 years. It is not worth starting a massage earlier, since the penis' own growth potential has not yet been fully realized.

Method effectiveness

Some doctors tell their patients that the penis is like a rope that can not be stretched either in length or in width, but practice proves the opposite. The basis of the penis is formed by the corpora cavernosa (they are filled with blood during an erection) and the corpus spongiosum (the urethra passes through it). The corpora cavernosa are surrounded by a rather dense white membrane (tunic). It is she who prevents the effective increase in the girth of the penis. With proper stretching of the tunic, you can increase the size of the penis.

About 50% of the tissues of the penis are smooth muscles. The irritation caused by the massage stimulates its growth. The ligaments holding part of the shaft of the penis inside also lend themselves to stretching. If you engage in stretching them regularly and correctly, then the length of the organ will visually become larger.

Massage for penis enlargement is not erotic soft strokes, but a rather tangible force effect that does not give much pleasure, rather discomfort. The effectiveness depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, for example:

  • Tunic structure. The layers that make up its walls can be of different thicknesses and weaving;
  • Condition of smooth muscles;
  • Ligament elasticity;
  • The initial dimensions of the penis.

With regular exercises, observing the technique and using various devices (pumps, weights, extenders), men really manage to add 2-2. 5 cm or more (in a calm state of the penis) in a few months.

Preparation stages

Penis massage with the aim of enlarging it is a traumatic activity if you do not pay due attention to the preparation for the procedure. The main stage is warming up. A cold penis is prone to injury several times more than a prepared one. You can use the following methods to warm up:

  1. Wrap your penis with a towel dampened with hot water.
  2. Dry heat: Attach a microwave-heated bag of rice.
  3. Dip a member in warm water.

Warming up should take at least 5 minutes. You do not need to apply heat to the scrotum. Then you can massage with light kneading movements from the root to the head and back. After the skin of the penis turns red, the tissues become soft, proceed to the main exercises.

The main types of massage

There are several techniques for massage the penis. Some of them appeared in ancient times. With the invention of new devices, exercises are improved and become more effective.

The first sessions are carried out very carefully, without exceeding the recommended time, even in cases where the effect is not felt at all. Schedule for beginners: 2 days of massage, 1 day off. At first, the procedure lasts no more than 10 minutes (excluding warming up), then it reaches 30-40 minutes with alternating techniques.


Jelqing is the simplest basic massage technique. Recommended for beginners, since it does not require special skills and readiness of the member for loads. The technique consists of sliding the fingers along the shaft of the penis from root to head, as in milking. A so-called OK grip (a ring of thumb and forefinger connected) is applied to the base of the penis, which extends to the head, pumping blood into it. The massage is done with both hands alternately.

Jelqing can be performed on a dry or oiled penis. The second option is preferable to begin with.


Yuli (uli) is a vascular massage technique that effectively helps not only to increase the size, but also to correct the shape of the penis. It differs from jelqing by creating a stronger blood pressure in the penis due to periodic fixation of OK-capture.

The massage is performed on a penis that is 50-60% erect. OK-capture with effort is carried out from the root to the head, stops in a third of the way for 15-20 seconds, then moves on, followed by a stop 3-4 cm from the coronal groove. During movement, the blood can be "pumped up" with Kegel exercises.


Stretching movements help to increase the length of the penis (penis extension technique). This massage can be performed with your hands (gently pulling the penis, grasping the area under the head) or with the help of special devices: a suspended weight (you need a hanger), an extender or a stretcher. This type of exercise requires great care, since there is a risk not only to damage the vessels of the penis, but also to tear the ligaments holding it.

how to stretch the penis to increase it

Stretching is done with an OK-grip below the head in different directions.

An example of manual training: 10 stretches in each direction (down, up, away from you, left, right) for 30-60 seconds.


A massage by flexing the penis in a calm and erect state effectively stretches various parts of the trunk, stimulating an increase in the length and volume of the organ. The exercise is useful for men who want to correct the shape of the penis (if there are curvatures). It will also help correct the "baseball bat" effect you get from other techniques.

The bend angle increases gradually, starting with a slight deviation. Failure to observe caution may result in blood clots.

flexion of the penis to increase organ size


The squeeze technique is aimed at increasing the volume of the penis. This includes massage by squeezing the trunk alternately with one and the other hand, as well as pressing the urethra. In the latter case, the main effort is made on the lower part of the trunk - there is a spongy body between the cavernous bodies, on which the impact is directed. Below, in the scrotum region, you need to grope for a small depression, immerse your fingers in it and, pressing down with a large one, force the resulting half-grip to the head.

There are also techniques Jelk Squeeze and Horse 440, the essence of which is to squeeze the penis at the base by applying an OK grip and further pumping blood with the other hand (the second OK grip moves with force to the head).


The massage technique consists in gently twisting the shaft of the penis. To do this, one OK-grip is placed at the base, the other at the head. The fingers are compressed, then the rings slowly turn in different directions (as when spinning the laundry). After a delay of 5 seconds, reverse movement occurs.

Twisting is especially dangerous by damage to blood vessels, therefore, they are performed only after thorough warming up and jelqing.

Safety engineering

In order not to lose the result achieved with the help of massage, not to harm health and not be disappointed in the exercises, you should carefully monitor not only the increase in size, but also the physiological reactions on the part of the genital organ.

Negative signs:

  • Pain;
  • Decreased quality of erection;
  • Deterioration of the sensitivity of the penis, change in its color;
  • Decrease in the number of morning erections;
  • Loss of previously added centimeters.

These indicators indicate overtraining. The member should be left alone for a while, and then proceed with the massage with less effort, reducing the time of the procedures.

Neutral reactions are possible for everyone involved:

  1. Redness of the penis, the appearance of spots and dots on the trunk.
  2. Temporary reduction in the size of the organ immediately after exercise.
  3. Itching and swelling. In the area of the foreskin, lymph can accumulate, forming a roller.

Skin manifestations disappear after reducing the intensity of training and the use of special healing agents (for example, balm). The swelling subsides in a few hours.

Positive signs: a temporary increase in the size of the penis (swelling) after massage and in a calm state, improved erection, an increase in its number in the morning and at night.

To avoid injury and discomfort during massage, you should follow a number of rules:

  • Hands and all appliances must be clean;
  • To facilitate sliding, it is necessary to use special lubricants (except for dry techniques). Otherwise, a tear of the frenum is possible, the appearance of peeling and abrasions of the skin;
  • Tingling, blue discoloration, blackening of the penis is not allowed (possibly with vascular techniques);
  • You cannot hurt yourself and endure it.

You need to perform massage regularly, but without excessive fanaticism. If an erection has disappeared or its quality has deteriorated, then classes stop until complete recovery. Moreover, regardless of whether there was an increase or not.


Contraindications to penis massage are:

  1. The presence of damage to the skin of the trunk or head.
  2. Inguinal hernia, varicocele.
  3. Active infections that provoke balanitis, balanoposthitis, urethritis.
  4. Violation of the structure of the corpora cavernosa or urethra.

In the above cases, massage will only exacerbate the problem. Exercises should not be performed with blood coagulation pathologies. As a result, non-transient hematomas will form with a high risk of transformation into abscesses.


Self-massage of the penis can really be called an effective way to enlarge it. Some men achieve results immediately and easily, while others have to work much longer - just like when pumping up skeletal muscles. In some cases, it is easier to prick the penis with hyaluronic acid or to cut the ligaments, but for most people, the effect of the exercises is enough. With the right technique and compliance with all safety rules, the condition of the prostate improves as a bonus, the pelvic muscles are strengthened.