The best ways to enlarge your penis with folk remedies, without drugs and chemicals

Enlarged penis on the example of a banana

Even a briefly mentioned question or comment about the increase in the size of manhood makes men pay attention to this topic and listen intently.

Medicine is sufficiently developed to offer men quick penis enlargement surgeries, but not everyone wants to immediately turn to such a radical method. Here a variety of folk methods and means come to the rescue, tested by different men on personal experience.

Existing methods

Man enlarges penis

To change the size of the male genital organ, many options for actions and approaches to how to increase the penis with folk remedies have now been invented. There are devices like an extender, a vacuum pump, which help to achieve results without resorting to surgery. Moreover, the hardware options are easy to use and require little time.

The manual method of enlargement is represented by massages and exercises, which were once developed solely for the purpose of influencing the size of the penis and improving potency. An example of this method is jelqing.

Medicines are also used, which are mainly hormonal agents. They also contribute to some change in the original size, but most often they are aimed at improving erection.

The drug should be used only when it has been prescribed by a specialist, and he has determined the correct dosage and duration of use.

And last but not least, it is worth mentioning surgery to change the thickness or width of manhood. But it requires financial security, psycho-emotional confidence in the chosen option and the presence of certain indications for the operation.

What is popular among the people?

Speaking about penis enlargement with folk remedies, we will indicate the most popular of them.


Penis massage

In the case of massage, use any convenient lubricant. The penis should be only slightly aroused, preferably even up to 50% of the possible. It is wrapped with lubricated fingers near the root, slow movements are carried out to the base of the head and back. The speed is gradually increased.

When the organ is completely erect, it is wrapped completely with one palm near the head, and the other again near the root.

By holding the penis in this form, itslightly stretchand upon reaching the maximum elongationfreeze for no more than 10 seconds. . .

During the massage, even a slight discomfort or painful sensations should not be allowed, since this way you can stretch the skin or ligaments.


Jelqing in the classic version also requires an initially incomplete erection. They try to keep the penis erect by no more than 70% of the possible. In this state, the member is squeezed at the base with a "ring" of thumb and forefinger. They are slowly pushed forward to the base of the head. It is desirable that the distance from the root to the head be covered no longer than 3 seconds.

As soon as the fingers of the first hand reach it, the second hand is similarly fixed at the base and the manipulation is repeated. Thus, the impact will be continuous, and changing hands will reduce the load on them, and therefore prolong the workout. Duration is important becauseexercises are done at least 100 times. . .

Jelqing - manual penis enlargement technique
During jelqing, the fingers squeeze the penis, but should not cause discomfort. When a full erection is achieved, it is better to stop, as this will damage the vessels.

An interesting, but controversial method of how to enlarge the penis in a folk way without drugs is to stimulate biologically active points.

According to doctors, there are certain places - points on the body that are responsible for changing the width of the organ, length, enlargement of the testicles and even a separate increase in the head. These points are influenced by light massaging touches. It is believed that they are located on the back of the hand, closer to the edges at the base. For the effect, it is advised to massage daily, sometimes even several times a day.


Among the folk remedies aimed at changing the size of the penis without ointments and pills, it is worth mentioning soda.

A simple product that is freely available and found in almost every kitchen. It occupies one of the leading places among popular folk remedies. And its use does not require any special efforts, or even special skills.

The man just takes a teaspoon of soda, pours it into a glass of water,stirring thoroughly to dissolve completely. Then he plunges the penis into such a "bath" and remains sono longer than 10 minutes. . . The procedure is carried out no later than an hour before intimacy, andthe result will be appreciated by a man and a woman after the first application. . .

You can use soda not in the form of a bath, but rather as a scrub. The phallus is simply moistened with water, and then slowly, gently rub soda into it. After the scrub is washed off. Within a few months of repeating such a procedure, a man may notice a change in lengthby about 2 cm. . . Changing the size of the penis under the influence of soda is the most famous way to enlarge the penis by folk methods.

If during the application of the bath or scrub there are unpleasant sensations or a burning sensation, you needstop immediately and rinse thoroughlyall from the penis with warm water. Also, you cannot use such products with soda if there are cracks, scratches or any other damage to the skin on the genitals.


You can recall several examples of herbal medicine for increasing the phallus by improving its blood supply, which are used inwardly, and not outwardly, like soda:

  • Tincture based on horse chestnut;
  • Fees, including blueberries, goat's rue, St. John's wort, elderberry;
  • Decoctions of Korean ginseng or hawthorn;
  • Aloe juice that stimulates circulation well.
As for aloe juice, its use is strictly prohibited for acute or chronic diseases during an exacerbation, affecting the urinary and reproductive system.

Grandfather's way

Grandfather's way to enlarge the penis

There are several examplesold-fashioned methods for increasing the size of the penis without drugs, ointments and pills. . .

But it is worth considering two of the most striking.

  1. Getting up very early, the man digs out a glass of earthworms and dries them. In a dried form, the worms are mixed with a kilogram of finely chopped young nettles and a liter of honey. Everything is thoroughly mixed, the composition is left in a cold place, in the dark for 10 days. The result is a cream-like mass that is applied to the surface of the penis at night. In this case, the use of the composition is calculated so that the last time it fell at night with a growing moon.
  2. Bees. Even the word itself does not cause the most pleasant sensations, but this is a fact. However, in the absence of allergy to the bite of this insect, the result of using apitherapy shows good results.
Before using these methods, you need to check if you are allergic to the selected product.

Will there be a result?

The man who achieved the result

In fact, various alternative methods promise results from the lungs in the formincrease in length by 2 cm, until changes up to the addition of 9 cm to the length of the penis. It all depends on the option you choose. It should be borne in mind that, in general, folk remedies do not promise instant results and require a certain period of time for at least an initial effect to appear.

By choosing a convenient and comfortable version of folk methods and means of penis enlargement, or by combining them in a comfortable combination, a man will get the result.

The main question remains only how much it will meet expectations and whether he is ready to spendnot one month to achieve it. . . The main task in this case will be a careful, accurate attitude to the manipulation performed and preliminary consultation with a specialist.