How to use a vacuum pump for penis enlargement

penis enlargement vacuum pump

A penis enlargement pump is a device that not only helps to increase the length and thickness of the penis, but also improves erectile function. The degree of its effectiveness depends on the initial parameters, tissue elasticity, age, training program.

General information about the design and principle of operation

It is believed that the first vacuum pump (vacuum erector) was invented in 1960 by G. Osbon. After a while, this device began to be widely used to stimulate erection.The pump accelerates the process of blood filling of the corpora cavernosa due to the effect of negative pressure on their tissues. . . The main structural elements are a transparent cylinder in which a member and a pump are placed. The air is pumped out, the penis is in a discharged space, its vessels expand as much as possible and fill with blood.

Modern pumps provide a pressure gauge to control pressure, various attachments for optimal fit of the bulb to the penis, head protectors, and erection rings. The created environment can be not only air, but also water. The more functionality of the device, the higher the price.

Justification of effectiveness, use in medicine

A vacuum pump is initially not just a toy from a sex shop, but a medical physiotherapy device, the effectiveness of which is officially recognized. It is used in andrology in the following cases:

  • Vascular erectile dysfunction;
  • Sexual problems of a psychogenic nature (failure expectation syndrome);
  • The initial stages of impotence (vacuum therapy for erectile dysfunction);
  • Chronic prostatitis and prostate vesiculitis;
  • Curvature of the penis after surgery;
  • Treatment of Peyronie's disease at the initial stage (with a small curvature angle and small plaques) and intracavernous chord.

Physiotherapy vacuum pump

physiotherapy vacuum pump

Vacuum pump therapy is called LOD (Local Negative Pressure Treatment) therapy. Low pressure forces the capillaries and arteries that are not used during a natural erection to open, increasing the useful volume of the penis. Active irritation of the receptors of the head occurs, the signal is transmitted to the brain and spinal cord, the activity of the spinal centers of erection and ejaculation is stabilized. The session lasts 30 seconds, then the pressure is gradually released, the erection weakens.

To increase the penis, the device works as follows: with regular exposure to negative pressure, the tissues of the cavernous bodies are stretched, more blood is placed in them, the penis looks larger during an erection.

Medical erection pumps

The effectiveness and safety of exercising with a pump directly depends on the quality of the device.

You can buy them in specialized medical institutions, pharmacies or on order on distribution sites. In addition to functional devices, a high-quality pump always comes with a personal lubricant and detailed instructions.

How to use the pumps:

  1. Massage your penis for 5 minutes to warm up.
  2. Lubricate the edge of the cylinder and slide the O-ring onto it.
  3. Lubricate the penis and place it in the cylinder (the scrotum should be slightly pulled back).
  4. Press the button, create a vacuum, press the cylinder tightly to the body.
  5. By pressing the button, pump out the air until the penis reaches the maximum erection (moderate discomfort in the head is possible).
  6. To have intercourse, you need to roll the ring from the cylinder to the penis, the erection will remain after removing the pump.

In a high-quality pump, the cylinder should be straight (without tapering), the base with a wide edging.

Types of commercial pumps, recommendations for selection and care

Today on the Internet you can order a pump for every taste and wallet. They differ in material quality, design features and equipment.

By the type of working environment, pumps are divided into vacuum (air) and water (hydro-pumps).The latter are considered safer, since not air, but warm water acts on the tissues of the penis (the larger the volume merges from the bulb, the stronger the effect on the penis). Control can be both manual (hand pump, pear) and automatic (electronic control by a button).

The key element of the pump design, which should be guided by when choosing, is a flask (cylinder). It should be 5 cm longer than an erect penis. If there is excess weight (big belly), then another 2 cm is added. The diameter (it is for it the flasks are marked) for classic pumping should be 1-2 cm larger. To determine your bulb size, you need to measure the circumference of the erect penis and divide it bypi number - 3. 14.

Standard recommendations for care: after the procedure, disassemble the device, rinse with water and a mild detergent and wipe with an antiseptic solution, dry thoroughly.

Homemade pumps

Some men, at their own peril and risk, decide to use homemade pumps. In all respects, they are inferior to even the cheapest industrial models, but if you wish, you can assemble such a device. This will require a plastic cylinder (closed baby bottle with a cropped bottom), a tube (you can take it from a dropper) and a pear (or a large syringe) to evacuate air. On the side of the cover, a tube is inserted into the incision and fixed, connected to a piston device or a pear.

homemade pumps

These pumps are traumatic, inconvenient to use, and ineffective. Their only advantage is their low cost.

Pumping methods

Experienced users use pumps for targeted enlargement of the penis in length or thickness using special techniques. To lengthen or correct the shape of the penis (with a large bend), you will need a narrow and long bulb. The technique is called "packing" (from the English "to pack"). The essence of the method is that the erect penis touches the walls (there will be no stretching of the tissues in width), and the head is sucked into the free space in front. Before being placed in the flask, the penis must be lubricated with lubricant along its entire length.

To work on the girth (diameter), you need a flask wider (with a diameter of 4 cm larger than the circumference of the penis). Too wide a cylinder is inconvenient and ineffective: the testicles are pulled into it, the foreskin is filled with lymph, the tunic does not stretch well.

Safe program and consequences of misuse of the pump

Andrologists do not in vain recommend purchasing professional pumps, since they are distinguished by high-quality materials and a verified design. From a medical point of view, such devices are not used for long-term procedures, only for training the tissues of the penis according to the "squeezed-relaxed" principle. Most of the NUPers (from the phrase "natural penis enlargement") try to keep the penis in the bulb as long as possible, up to the blue of the head. It is very dangerous.For beginners, the maximum pressure should not exceed 3-4Hg according to the pressure gauge, the maximum duration of the lesson is 20-30 minutes. . . At the end, a five-minute massage is performed to normalize blood flow.

The medical program for penis enlargement with a pump is designed for a year. In the first 16 weeks, daily half-hour sessions are carried out, and then the frequency is reduced to once every three days. Thus, you can achieve a persistent increase in length by 3 cm, thickness by 1 cm. After a single session with a pump, the penis increases by about 10%, but the effect soon disappears.

If the device is used incorrectly, negative consequences arise:

  • "Donut effect" - the accumulation of lymph in the skin around the head. After a few days, the edema disappears without consequences, but it is better not to provoke its appearance.
  • Capillary bleeding, hematomas, blisters. The stains after these injuries will remain for a long time. In some cases, the penis can be deformed.
  • Head necrosis.
  • Inflammation of the foreskin
inflammation of the penis

Pain and tingling of the head, its blue discoloration is a dangerous signal. You should immediately remove the pump and massage the penis.

Contraindications for exercising with a pump:

  1. Priapism (long and painful erection).
  2. Fragility of blood vessels (frequent bruises, hematomas, subcutaneous hemorrhages, vascular networks).
  3. Taking painkillers.
  4. Inflammation of the pelvic organs, including those caused by sexually transmitted infections.

For men over 50, doctors generally do not recommend using a pump for penis enlargement. The elasticity of the tissues has already been reduced; it is almost impossible to stretch the tunica albuginea. The result of such activities is most often exclusively injuries.

Help with the appearance of edema and dark spots on the penis

To get rid of the negative consequences of careless use of the pump as soon as possible, the following materials will be required:

  1. Chamomile in bags (in pharmacies).
  2. Rolled cotton wool.
  3. Elastic bandage mesh No. 3.
  4. Ointment that helps with varicose veins

Chamomile needs to be brewed (2 sachets at once), pour the solution into a glass or any other container where you can dip your penis. The bath should be taken 3-4 times a day for 5-7 minutes (each time brew new bags). In the evening after the last procedure, wipe the penis dry, spread with ointment, cover with cotton wool, put on a bandage on top. After a few days of procedures, the tissues will be restored.

Important: in the first 2-3 days after the injury, the above manipulations cannot be performed, since the blood has not yet coagulated, the injury will take longer to heal. It is advisable to immediately apply cold to a fresh hematoma, thereby minimizing its area.

In some men, regular pumping causes the skin of the penis to darken (hyperpigmentation). Nothing can be done about it. If the spots do not go away, the erection worsens, discomfort is felt, then Doppler ultrasonography of the vessels of the penis should be performed (blockage is possible).

Opinion of doctors

The opinion of doctors regarding the use of pumps for penis enlargement is controversial. Some recommend this method, others are strongly against it. Among the first are sexologists and andrologists dealing with the problems of erectile dysfunction. Pumps really help to achieve a high-quality erection, and it is safe for the body.

Opponents of the use of vacuum erectors are usually urologists, who consider these devices to be dangerous. Many men use them with such zeal that classes end in penile deformity and impotence. Doctors have to correct these consequences.


Erection pumps are an effective method of stimulating blood flow in the area of the penis, a kind of gymnastics for its vessels and nerve receptors. The main principle of using these devices is the absence of fanaticism and an individual approach. A program that is ineffective for one may be optimal for another. It is important to listen to your own feelings and observe the condition of the penis. Some people feel comfortable doing it every day, others will need a break of 1-2 days. The pump must be of high quality and comfortable. If there is no result from the exercises, then it is better to choose another technique (stretching in an extender, manual exercises).