Can a man's penis be enlarged with baking soda?

Today, there are many ways to enlarge the penis: surgery, taking dietary supplements, using special creams, vacuum pumps, as well as weighting agents that can harm men's health. In addition, massage is recommended to enlarge the penis, and traditional medicine does not stand aside.

One of the popular penis enlargement methods that has been successfully used for a long time is the use of baking soda. This method can be easily combined with other methods such as massage. Another advantage of using baking soda is its relative safety, in contrast to many dubious creams. After surgery, there is a risk that a man will not be able to fully function sexually. Weights are unsafe because they can damage the penis.

how does soda work

The principle of action of soda on the penis

Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate, which can have a blood thinning effect. Such an action is necessary, according to traditional doctors, during exercise to increase the size of the penis.

Penis enlargement with baking soda occurs due to the fact that blood in a liquefied state and in large quantities freely penetrates into the organs of the reproductive system. In addition, the product does not lead to the formation of blood clots, which can form under the influence of training sessions.

Preparation for penis enlargement with soda

Understanding the topic of whether soda can increase the size of the penis, you should explore the various ways to use the product:

  1. Apply olive oil to the surface of the penis - it fully softens the delicate skin. Then comes the turn of using the baking soda. It must be applied with gentle massaging movements. The manipulation needs to be continued for several minutes, then thoroughly rinse off the remaining soda with water and lubricate the penis with a moisturizer that helps prevent irritation.
  2. Does baking soda enlarge your penis when steaming it in a bath? Yes, this is a powerful way to grow your dignity instantly. How to use baking soda in this version? Dilute 1 tbsp. l. substances in warm water (1 liter of liquid is enough). Place the genital organ in the bath for a quarter of an hour. After the procedure, wash off the remnants of the composition, apply a moisturizer.
  3. As a means of penis enlargement, it is recommended to use soda with honey, stirring the products in equal proportions. Apply the ointment to the genitals, wait a few minutes, then massage the penis with your hands. Such a recipe, in addition to increasing the size, increases the sensitivity at the head of the organ, which is useful before sexual contact to enhance sensations.
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Attention! To achieve maximum effectiveness, a liquid natural bee product is required. Synthetic honey is bad for this.

Many articles have been written about how soda affects manhood. Soda compresses are a proven option for enlarging the size of the penis. Prepare a strong solution (1 tablespoon per glass of slightly warmed water). Dip the gauze into it, then wrap the penis with a cloth, wait five minutes. Using this technique, it will turn out to be guaranteed to increase the size of the genitals!

Question: How to use baking soda when taking a bath? Is it true that such a procedure increases the size of the penis?

Answer: Indeed, if you want to achieve results in a comfortable environment, you should add soda directly to the bath. The product will enhance the sensitivity of the head, allowing you to save time during the water treatment.

Sitting in the bathroom, use gentle movements to stretch your penis. To do this, grasp the organ with two fingers, which you move towards the head. An indispensable condition: no pain, burning or other discomfort. If this condition is observed, stop the procedure. The technique of stretching the penis in the bathroom is an excellent option for ensuring the correct functioning of the vessels.


From the articles on how to quickly enlarge the penis with ordinary soda, you can only learn about the positive aspects of this method. The fact that such procedures can be harmful, patients and doctors prefer to tactfully keep silent.

In no case should you use baking soda-based baths or compresses if:

  • there are microcracks, irritations, ulcers on the phallus;
  • have a proven allergy to baking soda;
  • discovered pathologies in the structure of the penis.

If you want to supplement external use with internal ones, then problems with:

  • gastritis with any acidity;
  • the gastrointestinal tract;
  • ulcerative erosion;
  • intolerance to sodium bicarbonate.
  • the presence of individual intolerance to the drug;
  • sores or rashes on the genitals.

To make sure that you do not have an allergic reaction to baking soda, you must first apply the agent to the skin of the penis, and only then to the mucous membrane. For internal use, you should initially take half the recommended serving of baking soda.

bath with soda

It should also be remembered that, contrary to popular belief, soda has an expiration date. It is forbidden to carry out treatment with an expired remedy, as well as yellowish in color or unpleasant in smell.

The use of soda to massage the genitals or lotions is not allowed when:

  • There are rashes or wounds on the organ;
  • There is an individual intolerance to the substance;
  • Certain pathologies of the penis are observed.

Taking sodium bicarbonate by mouth is not recommended if:

  • Chronic gastritis or other pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, accompanied by violations of the acid balance in the body;
  • Peptic ulcer diseases;
  • Allergies to soda.

It is important to know that using expired baking soda is hazardous to health. If the packaging indicates that the product is not expired, and the powder has a yellow color, an unpleasant odor, then it is not advised to use such a product.

There are practically no significant contraindications, but you should not forget about precautions. Do not forget to check the expiration date of this product, observe the prescribed dosage, massage and scrubs do only with clean hands. These simple measures will protect you from unwanted consequences.

Do not be upset if there is no effect after the first application of baking soda. In order for any result to be noticeable, soda must be regularly used for two or even four months. It is hard work that requires tremendous perseverance and dedication.

Instructions for penis enlargement with soda

Here are some ways to enlarge your penis:

  • Apply vegetable oil to the penis (it is better to use olive oil to fully soften the skin). After that, soda is applied to the surface of the genital organ with light massaging movements. The procedure for increasing must be continued for several minutes, after which the remnants of the composition are thoroughly washed off with water, and a moisturizing cream is applied to the intimate area to prevent irritation.
  • Steaming your penis in a bath is another effective way to instantly enlarge your penis. Dilute baking soda (a tablespoon) in a liter of warm water. Place the penis in the container with the solution for about 15 minutes. After taking this compact bath, rinse the remaining composition with water, and then also use a cream with a moisturizing effect.
  • penis enlargement instruction with soda
  • An equally effective recipe for penis enlargement with soda is mixing the powder with honey in equal proportions (also allows you to quickly enlarge the genitals). Apply the resulting consistency to the surface of the penis, hold for a few minutes and massage with your hands. An interesting fact: this recipe can not only increase the size, but also increase the sensitivity of the head, so use it before a romantic evening to improve the sensations during sexual intercourse. Helpful hint: take natural honey in liquid form to achieve the result. A synthetic product with flavors will do more harm than good.

There is one more method:

soda is applied to the penis, after which a vacuum pump is attached to the genitals. The device is used in accordance with the instructions (air is pumped into the pump, left for a few minutes, and then released). Thanks to this combined method, it is possible to improve the movement of blood through the vessels several times, which means that the result will be even more pronounced.

If you want maximum comfort and enlargement, try using baking soda in warm water while taking a bath.

In this case, baking soda will increase the sensitivity of the head, and you can save time while taking water treatments. In the bathroom, gently pull the penis in length, grabbing it with two fingers and moving towards the head. In this case, you should not feel a burning sensation or painful sensations; if discomfort, stop this procedure. Bath stretching with this food is a great way to ensure that the vessels in the pelvic area are working well.

A baking soda compress is another proven effective option for penis enlargement. Prepare a solution (for one glass of warm water, one large spoonful of the product). Dip a gauze cloth in the liquid and wrap it around the penis, hold for five minutes. This way, you are guaranteed to be able to enlarge your penis!

Method effectiveness

Unfortunately, there is no scientific research on whether it is possible to enlarge the penis with the help of baking soda. The effectiveness can only be judged from the words of the persons who applied this method of increase in practice. This method does not help everyone. This method has helped many. Others did not feel the result.

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There is a percentage of men who have not implemented the technology of this method due to individual intolerance and allergic reactions to soda.

There are times when menmanaged to enlarge my penis by a few centimeters.But they were able to achieve such results only after months of application.

So, only a person who has been using it for many weeks can judge the effectiveness of penis enlargement with soda.. . .

How to properly use baking soda for penis enlargement

With the help of soda, which almost everyone has in the house, you can make baths for the penis. They will help firm up the penis. To make a bath, you need one teaspoon of baking soda for one glass of warm water. It is necessary to take a bath for at least 15 minutes. This procedure is recommended to be done one hour before sexual intercourse. Many men in their reviews said that the result after using this method is weak. But almost everyone noted that, even if there was no increase in the penis, then its elasticity increased very significantly.

You can also use the baking soda as a scrub. To do this, you first need to moisten the penis, and then rub the soda along the entire length with gentle movements. As a result of these manipulations, blood begins to actively flow into the genitals. But you need to keep in mind the negative side of this method. Baking soda can irritate and burn your penis. It must be applied very carefully. Although the sodium bicarbonate particles are very small, they can injure the very thin and sensitive skin of the penis, causing painful sensations. Scrubbing with baking soda strengthens the erection and, albeit slightly, but really enlarges the penis. To consolidate the result, it is recommended to use soda with milk, this will strengthen overall health.

Not so popular, but also effective method of using baking soda for penis enlargement is the use of compresses. Soda is spread on a clean cloth (it can be a bandage folded in several layers), soaked a little and applied to the organ. You can leave this compress for 15-20 minutes, but no more.

Do not let soda get on the head of the penis, so as not to injure it!

how to use soda correctly

Methods for using baking soda to lengthen the penis

There are various ways to lengthen your penis with baking soda. Reviews indicate that the effectiveness and duration of treatment depends on the chosen method. Note that it is best to take comprehensive measures to achieve an excellent result.

Taking soda inside

One of the main ways is to take soda inside, because this procedure allows you to cleanse the body and prevent the occurrence of neoplasms.

  • The substance activates all metabolic processes.
  • Metabolism will improve, as well as normalize weight.
  • By the way, this method also increases the activity of sperm, they become more viable.
  • Therefore, the method is especially useful for those who want to have children.

The method is suitable for the prevention of various problems, but not for treatment. If the person has serious health problems, then other therapy options should be considered. To do this, you need to consult with doctors, because soda is not a complete drug.

How to prepare the solution:

  1. You need to take 0. 5 teaspoon of baking soda, as well as a glass of slightly heated milk.
  2. Mix the two components thoroughly until smooth.
  3. After that, you will need to drink the resulting solution.
  4. Reception should be repeated every day, the mixture should be drunk once a day. The duration of the course is about a month.

It will be helpful to cleanse the intestines in order to maintain the level of immunity. The procedure will also improve the blood supply to the prostate area.

To do this, you need to dilute 1 tablespoon of soda in a liter of boiled water. You will need to do microclysters with a solution once a day, the duration of the course is a month.

  • Member 13-14 cm - is it enough;
  • Masturbation for penis enlargement - technique;
  • How to make a pump with your own hands -.

Alkaline baths

Alkaline baths are a fairly popular method; they really improve the function of the reproductive organ. Such a procedure helps not only to enlarge the penis, but also to reduce the likelihood of developing prostatitis, as well as relieve inflammation of the penis. The whole body will be cleansed of toxins, as well as toxins, thereby improving metabolism.

It is recommended to take baths in the evening before going to bed. Soda acts on the nervous system and relaxes. Therefore, a person will not only affect the genitals, but also fall asleep faster.

  1. To prepare a bath, you will need to dilute 500 g of baking soda using 3 liters of water.
  2. The solution should be poured into the collected water, and then take bath procedures for 30 minutes.
  3. It is recommended to take a contrast shower after the bath to enlarge the penis and improve health.

Concentrated baths will also be useful for those people who wish to enlarge their penis. The advantage of the procedure is that there are no contraindications and there are no side effects.

The only thing is not worth carrying out the procedure if the leather surface is damaged. Because in this case, there will be a burning sensation on the reproductive organ.

However, if a person regrets to enhance the regenerative function, then baths can be used. The skin will heal faster, although you will have to endure a burning sensation. The recipe helps to achieve a quick effect, and the result will be visible within an hour after the procedure.

Compresses with soda to increase the size of the penis

People who wish to change the size of their penis recommend using compresses. Using baking soda will be a smart decision, because it allows you to quickly achieve results. It will stimulate blood circulation in the right place, and therefore, you can quickly notice a change in the size of the organ.

  1. To carry out the procedure, you need to take a towel and apply soda on it, previously dissolved to the consistency of a paste.
  2. The action time will be up to 15 minutes, after which the mass must be washed off.
  3. If the penis turns red and warmth is felt in it, then there is an effect. The main thing is to apply a nourishing cream to the skin after the procedure to prevent dryness.

Penis massage with baking soda

The correct massage in itself is a good way to resize the penis. Moreover, it is better to do it together with such a component as soda. However, it is worth adding honey to it to soften the substance. Together, these ingredients will stimulate blood flow to increase penis size.

Note that this option can be used even in adolescence, because there are no contraindications. The massage can be done two to three times a day, while other components can be added.

For example, experts recommend using olive oil. It needs to be mixed with sodium bicarbonate so that a massage can be performed. The oil will nourish the tissues of the organ, making them more elastic. Therefore, the epithelium will look healthy and feel good to the touch.

Asterisk with soda

From experts you can hear recommendations on what to use an asterisk to increase the size of the penis. This balm can be purchased at the pharmacy, but you do not need to add too much to the mixture.

  1. It is recommended to use an asterisk in a volume not exceeding the head of a match. You will also need to take a spoonful of baking soda and a small amount of water.
  2. The resulting mass must be applied to the genitals and left for 10-15 minutes. If there is a strong burning sensation, then the product should be urgently washed off with water.

How does soda work in increasing the male organ

To understand why baking soda is suitable for increasing male dignity, you should understand a little about the beneficial qualities of the product:

  1. Soda provides local irritation of the epidermis, which provokes activation of blood circulation. The penis then swells up temporarily.
  2. After that, the erection increases, which is important for some intimate problems.
  3. The substance provides quick results. Using any recipe, you can achieve instant penis enlargement, which will pleasantly surprise your sexual partner.
  4. A real increase in male dignity occurs without the use of pills or surgery.
  5. The substance is cheap and easy to get.
how does soda for penis enlargement

Side effect

Sodium bicarbonate is an alkali that kills bacteria, both disease-causing and necessary for the body, that are on the penis. An increase in the penis with soda can be a consequence of a deterioration in immunity and the formation of pathogenic microflora, as a result of which the development of diseases such as thrush, balanoposthitis, and all this, in addition to everything, can be accompanied by painful inflammation on the organ. Also side effects of using baking soda are.

  1. Penis irritation and soreness
  2. Microcracks and sores on the penis
  3. Allergic reaction.

Penile enlargement is a rather sensitive topic for the male half of humanity. Penis enlargement with soda is a fairly simple and affordable way, however, its effectiveness is confirmed only by the reviews of men in specialized forums. Before embarking on active actions, a man needs to decide why he needs a long penis, because this does not affect the quality of sex, quite a few medical studies and surveys on the part of the female have been conducted on this issue. It is necessary to figure out whether it may be a psychological trauma, or it may just be a personal notoriousness. It's not about size, but about the ability to manage your manhood. Think better about your health, which needs to be protected and maintained, and not littered with various drugs.

Is it true that soda increases the penis

Question: Is it true that you can build up a penis with soda? Is it realistic to enlarge the reproductive organ with this substance? Answer: Yes, it is true that baking soda works wonders for the genitals. Sodium bicarbonate is an excellent blood thinner, which helps with gymnastics aimed at penis growth.

Liquid blood is actively distributed within the genitourinary system. The substance prevents the likelihood of blood clots, which are complications during massage exercises.

Penis enlargement with soda - myth or reality?

Despite the conflicting reviews, you should pay attention to the fact that sodium bicarbonate is able to thin the blood, quickly penetrating into the tissues of the genital organ. However, baking soda cannot boast of ingredients in its composition that could directly affect the length of the phallus. Nevertheless, soda helps to enlarge the penis, however, the effectiveness of the technique carried out largely depends on its type, frequency and individual characteristics of the man's body.

As we mentioned, baking soda can help improve blood circulation. This happens by cleansing the body of toxins. The absence of harmful impurities has a positive effect on the potency and size of the penis. As a result, the man and his partner get the impression that the penis has increased in length and width.