Penis enlargement surgery

The size of the penis is a very reverent topic for every man. The penis is the pride of a man and the joy of his woman. Therefore, penis enlargement surgery is one of the most popular and demanded procedures in the world of plastics.

Penis enlargement surgery is called ligamentotomy. Ligamentotomy is a surgical operation that is an auxiliary technique, the essence of which is to cut the dense cartilage-like suspension ligament of the penis and extend the inner part of the penis hidden under the pubis and fix it in a new position. In the future, the penis is stretched using a special apparatus - an extender. The result is achieved after three or more months of using the device.

To better understand the essence, you need to understand the anatomical features of the penis: the male genital organ consists of two parts - the outer part and the inner part. The inner (hidden) part is fixed to the pubic articulation with a special suspension ligament. And therefore, if this ligament is crossed, then the inner hidden part of the penis is mobilized outward.

Penile lengthening by crossing the supporting ligament occurs due to the fact that such a ligament is hidden in the depths of the pelvis and attaches to its bones, and when stretched, it can be 3-6 centimeters.


Surgical penile enlargement has certain indications:

  • hypospadias;
  • epispadias. Complex congenital pathology, in which the front wall of the urethra, the head of the penis or the body of the penis is completely or partially split;
  • peyronie's disease. A rare pathology, the meaning of which lies in the acquired curvature of the penis during an erection;
  • micropenis. The phenomenon in which the penis is very small, which causes great difficulties in the conduct of sexual activity;
  • the injury received;
  • cavernous fibrosis. Pathology in which there is a compaction of the cavernous bodies of the penis and, as a result of this process, there is a deformation of the penis and complete or partial erectile dysfunction.


Previously, ligamentotomy was carried out through the pubic bone, but due to the fact that the technique was very long and left behind tissue trauma, large postoperative scars, it was no longer used. An alternative technique was found - transection of the ligament of the penis through a small access in the scrotum. This method of surgery to enlarge the penis surgically is characterized by a short duration, low trauma and a shorter rehabilitation period.

how is penis enlargement surgery performed

Ligamentotomy by itself does not make sense if an extender is not used in the future. After surgery, a void forms between the outside and inside of the penis. Over time, during the healing period, the empty space is filled with soft connective tissue, and later with dense. Thus, a new bundle is formed. Therefore, the longer the new ligament is, the longer the penis will be. Thanks to the effect of the apparatus, due to the mobilization of the hidden reserves of the genital organ, it is possible to lengthen the penis. Effectiveness depends on how long the extender will be worn. It should be worn for about six months.

A man starts wearing the device three or four days after surgery.

For penile enlargement surgeries, spinal anesthesia is usually used.

The result of the operation depends on the original length of the male genital organ.

Small reasons

indications for penile enlargement surgery

As well as the size of other parts of the human body, the size of the penis is determined by its heredity, development and growth characteristics.

If during the intrauterine formation of the fetus and in the further process of the boy's growth, as well as during puberty (puberty), for some reason, there was insufficient synthesis of the male sex hormone testosterone in the body, then the development of the penis may be impaired.

Small size can be due to operations, injuries, hypospadias, epispadias.

There are no particularly clear standards for the size of the penis, but if its length is less than 8 centimeters in an erect state, this is already considered a deviation and can be called a micropenis.

Recovery period

After plastic surgery, the need for a patient to be in a hospital is determined individually in each case. Hospitalization lasts two to three days.

Ligamentotomy has a recovery period, usually about ten days.

After the recovery period, the extender should be worn for more than three months for four (maybe more) hours.

Features of using the device

The extender should be worn on a clean and dry penis, which is very important from a hygienic point of view.

rehabilitation after penis enlargement surgery

Before each putting on, the device may not be secured at the length that it was last worn. This is due to the fact that the penis could contract, and this is quite normal. Therefore, the device should be worn at a reduced length for 20 minutes, and then worn at its original length.

The minimum wearing time per day is 4 hours. Therefore, many men are primarily interested in the question "where and when can you wear it? "The extender can be worn at work, provided that it is not associated with physical activity.

In the reviews, in which attention was focused precisely on wearing the device, the convenience of wearing both at home and at work was noted. The main thing is not to wear too tight pants. And in looser trousers, he is invisible.

The cost

How much does penile lengthening cost? In the patients' reviews, it is noted that surgical lengthening of the penis has an optimal and affordable cost.

It is important to know

Men who are unhappy with their size and want to increase it should know that there are no drugs and special exercises for lengthening the penis in the world. All rave reviews of any drug are completely false information. Therefore, you should not read various reviews about miraculous remedies and exercises, but seek advice only from a qualified specialist.

when penile enlargement surgery is needed

For a more complete acquaintance with the essence of the operation, its technique, with the possible result, men are recommended to watch a video about the operation, watch patient reviews, read reviews about rehabilitation, see photos before and after the procedure, a video of the operation itself or a video where the doctor gives his comment onthis topic, familiarize yourself with the prices for the operation in your city.

Ligamentotomy is an effective operation to help men achieve the optimal penis size. It does not in any way affect the erection, the quality of sex and orgasm, and also does not affect the reproductive and urinary functions.

Men who underwent surgery and subsequently wore a special apparatus, in their reviews and video reviews, are happy to talk about the achieved result and notice the advantages of the operation.