How to enlarge your penis with baking soda?

Dissatisfaction with the thickness and length of childbearing is a problem that prevents a man from enjoying intimacy. It is possible to get rid of such an intimate "defect" in different ways. Among folk methods, penis enlargement with soda has gained wide popularity. What result can be achieved? How to use the product correctly?

Can you enlarge your penis with soda?

Sodium bicarbonate does change the size of the genital organ, but not instantly. Those who have tried the technique say about an increase of 3-4 cm. The additional use of massage can increase the effectiveness. The main thing is to understand that you have to be patient.

Important! Only a few percent of men have a really small penis (less than 10 cm). Most complex in vain, since 16-18 cm in an erect state, because this size is the norm. If a couple of centimeters will help you feel more confident, then you definitely need to try soda on yourself.

The increase in volume and length is due to the positive effects on the blood supply. The substance contributes to the accelerated filling of the cavernous and spongy bodies, increasing the phallus upon arousal. The product thins the blood, reduces the likelihood of developing blood clots, and helps to avoid stagnant processes.

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Useful properties

Soda for male body enlargement is in high demand for several reasons:

  • Visible swelling of the causal site. Rapid activation of blood flow allows for a change in the volume of the phallus.
  • Improving erectile function. This makes the remedy relevant for those who are experiencing some problems with potency.
  • Prevention of diseases of the pelvic organs. This opinion is shared by some experts. There have been no studies on this topic, so it will not be possible to give specific figures.

Safety, affordable cost, ease of use speak in favor of potassium bicarbonate, but with observance of certain nuances and points.

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How to enlarge your penis with soda?

No means and methods bring visible results without following certain rules. The procedure must be divided into several stages:

  • Preparation. An increase in the male genital organ with soda at home requires a preliminary increase in elasticity and blood supply. The penis is wrapped with a soft towel soaked in warm water, leave the compress for 2-3 minutes.
  • Massage. Provides high-quality and correct restoration of blood circulation. It is performed with smooth and light movements. They take a pinch of the product in their hands and begin to rub it into the surface of the phallus. You need to act very carefully and carefully. Do not push or push. It is enough to evenly distribute the substance with light stroking movements for several minutes.
  • Recovery. After the manipulations described above, it is not recommended to rush to do other things. You should relax by taking a lying position. You can close your eyes and meditate.

The attitude of a man as a whole is of no small importance. Many people want to know how to enlarge their penis with soda, focusing entirely on the technical side. This is not an entirely correct approach. You need to start the procedure only in a good mood, mentally imagine a positive result.

Soda gadgets

Massage is not the only way to use the product. Lotions help a lot. The solution for penis enlargement with soda has a very simple recipe. Dissolve 2 tablespoons of the substance in 150 ml of warm water.

The composition is moistened with clean gauze or a towel. Products must be perfectly clean. The fabric is placed over the phallus and wrapped around. The lotion is kept for 5-10 minutes. You need to repeat the event daily for a month.

The result becomes noticeable after completing the course. It can be repeated after a short break (2-4 weeks). To improve the effectiveness of lotions, you can add a little essential oil to the solution.

The aroma of cypress, cardamom, extracts of other plants promotes relaxation, helps to forget about pressing problems. Esters add consistency to the composition, relax the body and improve blood circulation. The main thing is not to forget about a little rest after the procedure.

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Potassium bicarbonate baths

This is another way to enlarge your penis with baking soda. The method, judging by the reviews on the Internet, gives tangible results after several sessions. The substance is diluted in a ratio of 100 g per 1 liter of warm water. The optimal temperature is considered to be 40-50 degrees.

The bath should be relaxing, not uncomfortable. Do not immerse yourself in water if there are irritations, wounds or other injuries on the body. If you have a fever or a cold, it is best to refrain from water treatments.

Soda baths make massage and lotions even more effective. They relax the muscles of the penis, normalize blood circulation. The duration of the session is about a quarter of an hour. To experience the maximum result, in the first month, the described manipulation is performed 1-2 times a day. Further, the amount can be reduced to three per week.

Should I take soda for penis enlargement internally?

male impotence and penis enlargement

The expediency of using potassium bicarbonate is due to the ability of this substance to rid the body of toxins and excess debris. This helps to improve metabolism, blood circulation, which has a positive effect on erection.

Only internal intake will not help to resize the phallus, but will strengthen the effect of massage, compresses, baths. It is better to start drinking soda with small dosages. Between meals, take ½ teaspoon, and then bring to a tablespoon at a time.

You can cleanse the body with a soda solution. A teaspoon of baking soda is diluted in half a glass of water. You need to take the composition on an empty stomach or in the morning. A similar solution can be drunk occasionally as a preventive measure, for example, once a week.

Are there any contraindications?

Knowing how to enlarge your penis using baking soda, you should not rush to resort to the procedure. You must first examine the possible negative consequences:

  • Internal use requires extreme caution in the presence of various diseases of the digestive system. It is not recommended to use potassium bicarbonate for those who suffer from high acidity. If this advice is neglected, gastritis, stomach ulcer, may develop. In order not to have to pay for such an omission in the future, it is imperative to consult with your doctor.
  • Avoiding any use of baking soda to increase the reproductive organ is necessary for diabetes mellitus. The active components of the substance thin the blood when applied externally and internally, therefore it is better to refrain from any use of this product.
  • Avoiding potassium bicarbonate is recommended for all men diagnosed with malignancy. A decrease in blood viscosity leads to a faster spread of cancer cells.
  • An increased sensitivity of the dermis, expressed by excessive dryness, leads to the appearance of rashes, inflammation and even ulcers. If after baking soda you feel discomfort, burning, tingling, you must immediately stop using this product.

It is categorically impossible to do lotions, massage, take baths in the presence of cuts, ulcers and other rashes on the genitals. Water procedures are contraindicated in the presence of such on any part of the body.

Do not use a product with an expired expiration date in any form. A change from white to yellow, the presence of foreign odors indicate improper storage, leading to a change in the composition of the product. Such a substance should also not be used.