How to enlarge the penis - an overview of the most effective techniques

Penis size directly affects a man's self-esteem and how he feels in bed. According to statistics, most of the stronger sex have a penis from 13 to 16 cm long. Many men, regardless of the size of the penis, dream of enlarging the genital organ, and are ready to use any means to do this. Before you understand what methods of penis enlargement are, you need to understand what determines the length and girth of this organ.

Penis size: what affects it?

Penis size depends on a number of factors:

male torso
  1. Heredity: the size of a man's penis depends on heredity. For example, among African peoples, men have impressive parameters of the genitals, while among Asians, the average penis length is 9-10 cm.
  2. Features of the development of the body and the state of health of the boy during puberty: the penis begins to grow from the age of 10 and the peak of its intensive growth falls on the period from 13 to 17 years. If puberty occurs at a normal testosterone level, then the adolescent's sexual organ will reach its normal size - from 12 centimeters or more. If, however, a hormonal imbalance is observed in the boy's body, provoked by bad habits and endocrine diseases, then there is a slow development of the external genital organs, which is why a short penis is formed.
  3. Body weight: In overweight men, the penis is always shorter, as fat deposits form in the lower abdomen and pubis. The latter "takes away" 1-2 centimeters from the penis, which makes the penis appear shorter, since its base is hidden by a layer of fat. As soon as a man begins to lose weight, the penis begins to appear longer.

Intensive growth of the penis is observed until the age of 17, but most adult men are interested in how to add a few centimeters in length and girth to manhood.

Today there are many methods of penis enlargement, many of which are applicable at home.

Tips & Cock Rings

penis attachments

There is a wide range of devices in sex shops for men that allow them to instantly lengthen and thicken the penis without any impact.

These are penis attachments. Such devices are made from plastic and thin materials that imitate human skin.

Thanks to this, the attachment is attached to the penis as naturally as possible, and the sensations during intimacy are not dulled.

There are various models of penis enlargement attachments. The simplest ones only give the penis a few centimeters in length and girth.

If you choose a device with additional elements (pimples, antennae, vibrating elements), this will stimulate the erogenous zones of both partners and enhance the pleasure of intimacy.

The attachment gives a short-term effect of enlarging the penis, which is not suitable for many men.

If you want to add a few centimeters to the length and girth of the penis, as well as solve erection problems, you can pay attention to the erection ring.

The cock ring is a compact and easy-to-use device that serves several functions:

  • sharpens sensations during sex;
  • makes an erection stronger;
  • helps to solve the problem of unstable erection and decreased libido.
cock ring

The action of the penis ring is not hard to understand. When this device is put on the base of the penis, the vessels that provide blood supply to the genital organ are compressed.

Thanks to this, the penis becomes harder, and the erection is maintained for a long time, which allows you to prolong sexual intercourse.

This ring is recommended for men suffering from premature ejaculation, since the device makes the penis less sensitive, so ejaculation does not occur immediately, but after 15-40 minutes.

If the ring has such additional elements as pimples and antennae, then this allows you to further stimulate the partner's intimate areas.

As for the enlargement of the male penis with the help of a ring, this device allows you to increase the thickness of the penis, since it provides an intense blood flow to this organ.

Thanks to this effect, the corpus cavernosum of the penis is stretched, which contributes to the thickening of the organ.

A penis ring only works if you use it correctly. For example, the ring should not be worn on the penis for more than 40 minutes, as this can lead to severe swelling of the penis.

It is advisable to try using the ring for the first time when masturbating. Before putting on, the ring must be adjusted in width depending on the girth of the penis in a state of erection. Lubricant will help to put on the ring comfortably.

Massage and Jelqing

penis growth from massage

It is possible to influence the penis in order to increase its size with the help of manual training.

The male penis is an organ that can be stretched as it is made up of the corpora cavernosa, which is filled with blood upon erection.

If the corpora cavernosa are stretched, then when filled with blood, they give the penis a few centimeters in volume.

Massage and Jelqing technique allow you to make the penis more voluminous and wider, therefore it is an ideal solution to the problems of men who have a naturally thin penis.

But if you focus on stretching exercises, you can achieve an increase in its length.

Begin your workout with a warming up massage of the phallus. To make it, take a terry towel and soak it in warm water. A heated towel is first placed on the lower abdomen, and then wrapped around the penis for 5 minutes.

This technique will enhance the blood supply to the penis and prepare it for exercise.

For men who want to add a few centimeters to the volume of the penis, the following set of phallus exercises can be recommended:

  1. After massaging the penis, prepare it for stretching. To do this, the penis is taken below the base of the head and its organ is slowly pulled towards the stomach. The exercise is performed several times, which helps prepare the ligaments of the penis for intense stretching and avoid injury.
  2. Jelqing is the main part of training for thickening and lengthening the phallus of men. The exercise resembles milking, under the influence of which the penis gradually stretches and becomes more voluminous. Jelqing was experienced by men who lived in ancient times, and this method really works. Before you start jelking, you need to lubricate the penis with lubricant. With the help of masturbation, the penis is brought to a state of incomplete erection. This is a very important nuance of training, since it will be painful to work with a fully erogenous penis.
  3. technique fingers in the ringA man needs to close a ring between his thumb and forefinger, forming a ring, which then needs to be stretched along the entire length of the phallus. In this case, it is recommended to slightly compress the organ. The ring is brought to the base of the head and the hand is changed immediately. The ring itself must be pulled slowly (at least 30 seconds per exercise). For 1 session about 50 "milking" is done. The number of exercises can be gradually increased from 50 to 100. After each Jelqing session, you need to massage the penis, performing circular movements, which will help to normalize the blood supply to the organ.
  4. Circular stretching of the penis is also considered an effective exercise that allows you to stretch the phallus and add the desired cm to its length. The genital organ in a half-erect state is taken by the head and the penis is pulled up, holding it in this position for 5-10 seconds. Then the penis is smoothly turned counterclockwise and so on 25-30 times. After each exercise cycle, the penis needs to be shaken to normalize its blood supply.
  5. The following exercise is performed with an incomplete erection. The penis is gently pulled up to the buttocks, after which they try to sit on it.
  6. Stretch the penis and add a few centimeters to its length using the swing cycle. A man should swing his penis several times in a horizontal and vertical direction. With each swing, it is necessary to strongly strain the muscles of the perineum.

Training will only work if you do the exercises every day. It is also possible to combine massage and penis growth exercises using special penis enlargement machines. We are talking about a vacuum pump and an extender.

What is a vacuum pump?

vacuum pump for penis

Pumping is a common technique among men that allows not only to enlarge the penis, but also to strengthen an erection.

The vacuum pump is an easy-to-use home appliance that is freely available at an affordable price.

The vacuum penis extender has an understandable principle of operation - the penis in a non-erect state is placed in a cylindrical tube of the pump, and with the help of a pump air is pumped into it, causing the penis to be affected by pressure drops.

As the pressure rises, the blood circulation in the penis increases, and blood fills its corpus cavernosum. Thanks to this, the male organ becomes longer and thicker. When the pressure drops, the penis gradually returns to its original size, but the blood circulation in the organ remains enhanced, which ensures a stable erection.

Today, men are offered the following types of devices for pumping the penis:

  1. Electric: the equipment is equipped with an electric pump that pumps air evenly into a cylindrical tube. This avoids sudden pressure drops, which ensures a gentle pump action.
  2. Manual: The manual vacuum pump is equipped with a 7 cm diameter tube. The tube is attached to a hand pump designed to pump out air.

Using a vacuum pump allows you to add a few centimeters in the length of the penis, correct the curvature of the organ, and achieve a stable erection.


penis extender

Stretching the penis, which is possible by using an extender, will help to increase the length of the penis.

The use of this simulator is, in terms of results, equated with penis lengthening surgery.

True, to add 2-4 cm to the length of the genital organ, you need to use an extender for at least six months daily.

The penis trainer consists of a plastic support equipped with a silicone element, as well as movable rods with metal supports and a plastic ring. The extender can be worn every day, even under underwear, as it is lightweight and compact.

Before putting on the extender, you need to determine the starting point, and it should not be more than 1 cm from the initial length of the penis in a resting state.

Failure to do so can result in injury to the penis. To start seriously engaging in penis enlargement using an extender, you need to adapt to this device.

It will take about 7 days to get used to it. In the first week, the simulator is worn no more than two hours a day. Wearing the extender should not cause any discomfort.

healthy sleep

If a man is experiencing pain and discomfort, then, most likely, he put on the simulator incorrectly or set an excessively long stretch length indicator.

Do not wear an extender on the penis during a night's sleep, as this will lead to severe swelling of the penis and provoke bruising. It is necessary to use the simulator only during wakefulness.

A man should visit and consult a doctor before using a penis enlargement device. Also, the specialist will be able to exclude or confirm the presence of contraindications for the use of male simulators.

Ointments and creams

Today, the pharmaceutical industry can offer men effective products, the use of which helps not only to solve intimate problems, but also to increase the size of the penis.

Ointments and gels for the phallus are produced by many manufacturers, but these products are characterized by the same principle of action. The composition of creams and gels includes herbal ingredients that contribute to increased blood supply to the penis, persistent erection and increased pleasure from sex.

Creams for men are easy to use and affordable. All creams for phallus growth are affordable and completely harmless.


penis enlargement surgery

If a man has a penis that is too small, then penis enlargement surgery will help significantly increase the size of his dignity.

It refers to minimally invasive surgical interventions, which consists in incising the ligaments of an organ and extracting the part of the organ that is located under the pubic bone outside.

The operation does not require a long period of rehabilitation, and also does not affect the sexual health of a man. The result of the operation is saved for life.


It is important to start caring for men's health from adolescence. During puberty, a future man should have high-quality nutrition enriched with essential vitamins, as well as lead an active lifestyle and give up bad habits. This will avoid a delay in sexual development, in which there is a slowdown in the growth of the penis.